December Reflection 28: An Intention for 2021

Getting ahead of myself on the prompts today but this post is begging to be written and it fits so well with the 28th.

I seem to be undergoing a lengthy process of New Leaf-Turning.

Back on the 14th of this month I was talking about Intent as related to Writing and back on the 11th I was musing upon journaling and wishing for a nice blank book to write in. By the 17th I was tidying and organising and taking stock. I made myself a workstation and was still lusting after new blank journals. I spent quite a lot of time Googling and looking at the goodies and weeelll…

…I went straight out (not really, but online) and purchased three blank journals.

I had discovered Paperblanks. I fell deeply in love but I spurned the cost. Frighteningly expensive. Until I found that they had a sale on!

It was quite challenging, optimising my purchase and bringing out the cost of my basket to just over the 40 Euro free postage level. Not least because of the wide choice of gorgeousness. Such colour!

1, 2, 3

It was only when my books arrived today that I realised that I had bought three brown(ish) books and no vibrant colour at all. Perhaps they were on Sale price because brown books get left over?

And of course, I felt that I had to go as cheap as possible until I prove to myself that I will use my blanks properly and not fall by the wayside. Once these three are approaching full then I might indulge in something a little more extravagant.

They are gorgeous shades of brown though, rich and autumnal.

I have:


1 Tesla, Sketch of a Turbine – Ultra (Unlined). A slim softback with a stunning leaf edging. I feel a connection to Tesla in some way and was adamant that this was the one that I really desired: 176 unlined pages. It feels superb in the hand; quite sensuous and almost akin to leather on the otherwise untextured back cover.

beautifully edged

A lovely thing.


One of my perennial intents is to learn to draw. I have never got very far with that but have dabbled from time to time. I think that I hope to use this journal to record some visuals from our journeys.

He was a visionary

I think that my childish sketches are unlikely to enhance this handsome book very much!

The other two journals come from the same range of lay-flat hard bindings with original manuscript designs. They have magnetic flap/wrap closure and a gusseted keepsake pocket in the back


2. Rembrandt, Virgin and Child – Ultra (Unlined)

The biggest bargain of this order. 144 unruled pages.


Who doesn’t love a Rembrandt drawing?

I am uncertain regarding a designated purpose for this particular book. I need to sleep on it. Maybe I just need to frame it and look at it. I am running out of superlatives. I had recourse to the Thesaurus. May I term this one ravishing?

ETA: Obviously, I need a book for the DailyOM thing. This will be designated for that purpose.

3. Proust, In Search of Lost Time – Ultra (Lined)

Marcel Proust

Being a sibling to the Rembrandt book, this journal is also 144 pages but I chose lined paper for this one.

Faint feint

I like it that the lines are not heavy and are simply a faint guide in order that the handwriting may stand out. How I wish that I was gifted with a standout hand!

The lay-flat pages are fabulous, the flap is useful, and there is also a scarlet satin ribbon bookmark (in all three).

Useful pocket integrated at the rear

Why Proust? I think that may be because I wish to make a connection. I live here in France now and am becoming progressively more French as time passes. We hope to take Citizenship one day. I feel that in some way, by reaching across time to Monsieur Proust, I am digging my roots in just a little further.

It is worth saying here that the one journal that I desperately wanted to own was also desired for similar reason but I really did balk at the price: SAINT-EXUPÉRY, WIND, SAND AND STARS

Manuscript back cover

Possibly the ideal use for this journal is to record notes from French lessons… I wish that I had thought of that previously, then I might have purchased a fourth journal for my travel journal. As it is, this is the only lined book of the three and will be for my everyday jottings as we go about Europe – once that is again permitted.

Some notions of Intent, at least. As always I am sure that ideas will change, along with perspective. Who knows what I shall ultimately do with these exquisite things. I certainly don’t.

The important thing is that I do intend to use them. I wish to return to paper and pen and the pleasure that comes from that pairing. Forms of electronic communication become ever less satisfying. The Internet has changed and is no longer where I want to spend too much time, It is difficult to make that break, having been hard-wired since the mid-Eighties! My Intent is to try. My Intent is to find once more the simple pleasure and deep joy of writing to and for myself.

And I really intend to acquire further Paperblank Journals so I really must stick at it and fill these three! There were so many volumes that I really wished to get my hands on and so many of them resonated with me. Andrew Lang’s Fairy books and Anne of Green Gables both reach out across the years from my formative early reading. The Monet books and the Klimt are glorious, all. My eventual choices, that might have taken in one or more of these examples, were unfortunately further constrained by availability of cover type, lined/plain paper and size. But how can I claim misfortune when the three that I have are all so very splendid.

All of my new journals are the “Ultra” size. Smaller (180*230mm) and less unwieldy than an A4 journal, they still offer plenty of room for the unruly writer and extravagant sketcher to move around in. A good choice, I believe.

I fear that a Collector’s Habit may well form and that I might just lineup sumptuous blank books as objets d’art and then fear to sully them.

I will report back at the end of 2021!

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