Stuff from my day

  • Blogged at Crooked House regarding end of Lockdown
  • Planning getting away in the van soon now and making tentative moves towards packing
  • Also busy plotting Birthday Stuff
  • Received my new SNAG tights – glorious colours included as well as sensible ones
  • Still waiting for my second delivery of Sari Skirts – currently still with DHL in New Jersey!
  • Signed up for a self-discovery writing course thing at DailyOM

This order of tights is a size smaller than the previous one. I need to try a pair on and ensure that all is well.

Colours are brighter and richer than shown here

I now have Suffragette Purple (Be still, my beating heart!) . Beach Bum (fabulous aqua), Bottle Green, Raspberry (YUMMY), Navy, Red, Black, Slate Grey.

I suspect that most bases are now covered but I wish that I had ordered the Burgundy and would really like to add an off-white/Ecru to the mix.

I would like to spend some more money and obtain a beautiful journal for the year-long writing course. I would then be needing fresh ink supplies and a new and gorgeous fountain pen, so I expect I’ll be doing my writing at the keyboard and leaving it in my Left Luggage Office for ease and economy. The trouble with that is that I find writing flows more readily when mingled with real and fluid ink.

I have yet to decide on whether to write creatively, as Fiction, or stick to strictly Autobiographical/Memoir writings.

However… I just noticed another OM course that is currently available and really appeals to me: Haiku for Healing. I could do one Memoir course plus one Creative course and have the best of both worlds.

I am excited about returning to writing and very pleased to be able to start right now and not to be presenting myself with a New Year’s Resolution that would very probably flounder after a week or three. By starting now, I can be in the swing of things and have created a new writing habit even before the New Year begins.

I hope not to stymie myself with our immediately forthcoming travel plans. This is another reason why a paper Journal would be preferential to the keyboard solution – we cannot always find the time/space/will/Internet signal/Power Supply for laptop activities when we are on the road. A book can be brought out anywhere that I can find a table. Leather-bound please, with smooth paper for the ink to flow across. (sigh) Oh, and many, many pages!

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