My Films

In April 2019 I came across the 10 Movies in 10 Days meme on Facebook and participated in that. I found two things frustrating – the first was that no comments/details/reasons were permitted and the other was in only being able to choose ten films. I decided that it would be f to continue the project here at Woolgathering, where I can waffle on to my heart’s content.

The first post on this matter is here if you care to read it but the gist is that I post one still, from one movie that has had an impact upon me, each day. As an on-going project I cannot promise to post daily but I will endeavour to do so.

I began posting to the blog with a Category of My Films (originally My Movies) on the third day of the meme and backdated my first three films (1, 2, 3). On the fourth day I decided to change my approach and began to get into my stride,

Here follows the Catalogue of posts.

My Films: 17
My Films: Day 16
My Films: Day 15
My Films: Day 14
My Film: Day 13
My Films: Day 12
My Films: Day 11
My Films: Day 10
My Films: Day 9
My Films: Day 8