Oh, what a day (night too)

My abject apology to anyone who has tried to reach me in recent weeks and wondered why they did not receive a reply. Gremlins it may have been but they were introduced by my own stupidity in requesting a move of servers without actually thinking that one through.

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It’s SATURDAY. I should have remembered that this morning but didn’t and so I missed going to the Heritage Centre to spin. I still cannot get used to these three-day weeks and am constantly addled about which day of the week that it is. So, sorry, Gill. Being Saturday it is Curry Day but for a […]

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I may just drop it

DROPS patterns are a great resource, completely free and readily accessible. Sir Lancelot is not my first DROPS pattern but may well be my last. There comes a point in knitting every DROPS pattern where one’s brain either goes “Oh, dear” (or some synonym… like my first excursion with DROPS, when I reached the almost […]


Greens are good

Knitting has not progressed quite as well as hoped but I’m not minded to complain as we had a lovely Sunday afternoon out on the beach instead. I did make it well up the armholes and have carried on today, enjoying myself thoroughly with the Fauré Requiem and Mozart’s Exsultate, jubilate. Just blissful. How lucky we are […]

Home, sweet home

I came across this today and it made my eyes water a peedie bit If Once You Have Slept On An Island from Alistair Corbett on Vimeo. We have been talking about our plans for the next few years and I found the courage to assert that I wish to keep returning here, suggesting that […]

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Hot stuff

Today I had hoped to go out and play with my new ND filters. Having neglected to change the default “expedited delivery” by mistake (counter-intuitively, courier deliveries to our island are extremely slow compared to the more excellent service from the Royal Mail). My package is coming with DPD and a quick check of the tracking info shows […]

Knitting progress

I wish my memory box worked properly

There has been  Knitting. What is more, there has been Significant Knitting Progress. Mr L’s Lancelot sweater is in progress again at last and I have just cast off the back. The rib for the front piece is already worked and I can now begin on the patterned section without delay. It is making me […]

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Down Time

We were talking about perhaps buying a single ring Induction Hob for the RV. It would supplement our cooking facilities and indeed stand alone when we are on a hook-up, thereby saving LPG and reducing the need to wander off in search of a refill. After all, the electricity is paid for with the pitch, […]