Pretty Poor Blogging

Oh, dear me, I really have been absent without leave, haven’t I? The virus was pretty horrid, not as bad as it might have been but definitely swept me off my feet for a fortnight. My head was mush and I felt like doing very little so that was what I did – very little …



Suzie has to visit the vet before she can be prescribed further arthritis meds. Mr L has very generously elected to give up his day off on Friday and has booked the ferry and the vet appointment.


I have new walking shoes. A Mountain Warehouse offer popped up in my mail box just before we went away and, at 50% or more off, I fell prey to the need for new walking shoes. I bought these and thought the pink to be unnecessarily girlie but they came in handy for blipping yesterday for Pinktober Saturday (Breast Cancer Awareness month)

Girlie shoes

Girlie shoes

Nowhere close to being as comfortable as my well-aged Lady Brasher leather walking boots but I’ve had over 20 years in which to break those in.

I’m hoping that the present difficulty of them pressing too hard on my sore toe joint can be fixed with a little wearing-in around the house. If so, I expect these to become my go-to island footwear as they are both waterproof and lightweight. If not… well, eBay, I guess.

I also bought some grey and purple velcro-fastening slip on shoes for in and around the campervan. Those at least are ultra-comfortable.


I hate myself just a little bit today (double haggis, chips and mushy peas last night – in my defence, I only ate half the chips.) We sat in my room last night and did the Guardian Prize crossword, declaring it a bit of a dud. Dr Who got the go-by (we’re just not feeling …


You can take the girl out of Yorkshire

I have just spent half a day looking for my camera battery charger, only to find that I had safely packed it away in what passes for my camera bag. Stupid place to put it ;-)

Mr L is well in practice with the double-glazing-fitting now. Today’s window is already in and it’s only lunch time yet. This kind of makes a mockery of our earlier decision to delay Murgh Makhani until tomorrow and to have takeaway from the pub tonight. Never mind… we have mushy peas!

Here’s the dried Marrowfat peas, steeping and ready to boil.

The Peas (and me)

The Peas (and me)

You can take the girl (and boy) out of Yorkshire but you can’t take the Yorkshire out of the girl (or boy).  Looks like the camera focused on my reflection rather than on the peas. Damn autofocus!

“Steeping” – is that a very Yorkshire word? Sometimes I think that it may be. I can’t say I’ve ever heard of anyone up here setting their tea to steep int’pot.

Only two windows left to go in now.

I must say that this 4-day working week lark definitely improves the life-work balance. I base this on limited evidence naturally, but yes, things seem much improved around here.

Grass to cut now. I’m continuing with my laundry and tidying up in here – and leaving Mr L to get his quota of fresh air on the garden tractor. The tidying is partly in order to get ready for window replacement but also to make space for a quiet evening with a wine bottle and the crossword later.



I went outside, through my two new beautiful and fully functioning front doors, to see how the house looked with its new windows. Not much different really, but now I think we might have replaced all four windows at the front? The thing is, the one in the extension did not need it and replacing the one in the porch seemed a pointless expense. It would look nice, all matching, I suppose.

It will look worse when that shrub dies back :-)

Big Box, little box

A big box delivery just arrived. The levelling ramps are here already. Also in the box – a wee first aid kit for Brunhilde, and  also a hosepipe for filling the fresh water tank when we are away from home. The hosepipe will be so much better than the solution we had to employ last weekend.

With one night to go we found that the waste tank was 3/4 full, whilst the fresh tank only a 1/4 full. Being very keen to have showers in the morning, we found ourselves spending an hour at Dingieshowe, trying to fill the water tank from the basin taps in the public conveniences. Our method was to fill a washing up bowl, inserted at a tilt into the tiny sink, as  far as possible, then transfer that into an empty 5 litre water bottle until full, then try to tip that into the tank filler without wasting too much.

Crazy as this performance sounds… we were not alone. Two Aussie visitors parked next to us had also run short of water. They used the taps in the Gents, as I worked in the Ladies. Their method was to fill a pan in the sink, tip that into a washing up bowl and tip the bowl into their tank – to which they had easier access than we had to ours but then what they had was a spaceship!

The new fanbelt is fitted and both of Brunhilde’s batteries are charging. Hurrah!

Tomorrow is for window fitting. That and curry. I had hoped to go out and set a couple of geocaches, especially as more tat arrived today. I’m still awaiting notebooks and also need to buy a supply of pencil sharpeners and waterproof lunch boxes. Oh, and Silica Gel sachets would be useful too but I’m not awaiting anything too critical.

Did I mention that we got our Geocache log count up to 100 last weekend? We had been on 91 since 2004!

We both feel at a bit of a loss today. It’s not just the disappointment of the referendum result. I think we may be feeling a little as though we might have gone somewhere for the weekend.