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Teddy’s Last Trip, The End

Wednesday morning got off to what by now was our regular slow start. Mr L was in pain and almost permanently tied to the bathroom. We got ready as best we could and went down to reception to book our winter pitch before we left. Teddy stayed in his basket all the way from Kippford […]

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Teddy’s Last Trip, Part 3

The weather at Kippford was very sultry and far too warm and muggy for comfort. Mr L’s health problems were not aided by the weather and he was feeling pretty much awful all of the time but he refused to let this get in the way. Once his tummy had settled on Sunday we set […]

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Teddy’s Last Trip part 2

Saturday 11th, we woke at Taste of Perth and manfully elected not to go in to the restaurant for one of their wonderful breakfasts but we did buy some provisions. We were going all the way to Kippford and planned only to stop at Abington to fuel up with Autogas, with a call in at […]


Teddy’s Last Trip

Catch up time! We took off on the ferry on Thursday morning, 9th June. The crew parked us up tight to the right hand side which meant that we were trapped. The door could not open and we had to travel in the RV instead of upstairs on deck with my camera, watching out for […]

Free education, Free the people

I wrote this post earlier today, actually on Facebook, but pulled it before pressing the Post button. I am still not sure whether to submit it here – not because I in any way retract anything that I have said nor because I fear having my head above the parapet but because I know that […]

Ticked, off

30 29 28 working days left. See you when we get back.

Still ticking

    30 29 working days left. Reasons to be cheerful: According to the itinerary, after we leave here I am responsible for cooking no meals whatsoever until the Sunday night. On the Tuesday I will be dawdling around shopping in Castle Douglas, “Foodtown” of Dumfries & Galloway I have been promised lunch at Helgi’s on […]

Tick, tick, tick, no ticks

(my) Clothes sorted and hanging up in the van – tick Cat bathed – tick Cat claws clipped – tick Cat bed in washer – tick Cat food packed – tick Dog food packed – tick Dog Frontlined – tick Nipples greased – tick (NO – the RV!) Itinerary planned – tick Parking spots researched – […]