Instinct is a fine thing

I have been cured of FB. I hope it’s not a temporary glitch band turns out to be a permanent thing.

Extreme shopping and Yarn Addiction

I bought yarn last night – a pack of eight balls (400g) of yarn direct from the manufacturer. It cost me £3.84. The International postage was more than the yarn price but the whole deal only cost £8.26 and will provide me with a few weeks of knitting entertainment. Sure enough, it’s not the kind of […]

bagged (2 of 2)

It’s in the bag

Thrift is winning today over calorie restriction and lunch will be pasta – using up a glut of mushrooms (must persuade Mr L that stuff not on the shopping list is absent for a reason and not because I forgot to put it on there) and a tub of cream that wandered home with him […]

monday outlook 24-8-15

Got up and gone

I am having much difficulty in finding my get up and go today. Perhaps I peaked with the massive linen reorganisation the other day. Or maybe it has something to do with the dodgy tummy that I was suffering all night. Whatever the cause, I find myself just slumping today. It’s a fasting day – […]

Most unlikley

Well, that’s the washing out on the line (don’t know how long it will stay there in this wind) and the bread dough rising. Next task, after making (and eating) a brunch of peach pancakes with bacon and maple syrup is to turn Brunhilde around and then it should be time to shape my baguettes. Yesterday […]


Slowly, slowly

The weather picked up a little on Wednesday and was a far drier day. I did something about the huge pile of laundry that had come home with us on Monday and I cleared some things out of the van, taking Teddy in with me to begin his process of familiarisation. He had a thorough […]

loose ends (1 of 1)

A couple of loose ends from the weekend

On the way home from Hoy, Mr L remarked what a pity it was that we could not pick the car up but that it was not going to be tested until Tuesday (today). When we arrived home there had been a call in the afternoon left on the answer-phone. The car had passed its […]

BruniRackwick (1 of 1)


We are returned from Hoy and so very glad that we went. Full details and lots of photos (I came home with 410 frames)  will appear on Two Snails when I have found time to do the necessary. In the meantime, a brief précis here: Friday We left on the Friday lunch-time boat. Having decided […]