Well, flabber my ghast

Yesterday I dipped a toe into the help exchange water by registering a profile on a site. Today I have been approached with the opportunity of a winter house sit. I am very much taken by surprise and quite overwhelmed! We did not expect to have to think quite so hard and fast so quickly.

Me likeee

Me likeee, very mucheee Nut-hap Ravlink Is there a millshop at Rowan and can I persuade Mr L to take me there for some money-saving yarn-buying when we are next in GOC?   Why can I no longer edit an image inserted  from URL in order to add details, copyright, link and  resize? What have […]

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A bit of self-indulgence

We spent yesterday afternoon in the garden,  firing up the barbecue for tea. Barbecues don’t happen very often here because barbecue weather does not come along unless there is a month without an R in it during a Blue Moon. This witnessed by the fact that yesterday we got out the last disposable BBQ from […]

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The Weekend

Here it is, The Weekend once more. Mr L is happily ticking off the days, with only 33 days at his desk remaining. Today he is embattled in the front porch, long used as a rubbish depository since the front door stopped working and carried on as such despite the fitting of new doors. Rubbish […]

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Well, there is a turn-up

Yesterday ended well and I am still smiling. Do you have a special friend – one that can place a smile on your face from hundreds of miles away, just by your seeing their name in your in-box or similar? Well, I had a contact from a special friend yesterday and it really lifted my […]

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There follows here some actual Knitting Content. Don’t be amazed. You knew that it, like my mojo,  would be back one day. It was rather longer ago than I care to admit that I announced a new project, the Beekeeper’s Quilt. I notice on my Ravelry project page that I was aiming for a completion […]

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The Eyeballs in the Sky

Tea was over, the tide was out, the sun was up, the wind was down. Hey-ho, wellies on! Put in some practice for 30 Days Wild when I spotted this wee fellah. This is of course A Perishers reference if you are wondering what on earth I am blethering on about. Not sure how I’ll […]

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Lots of busy

Slowly getting the van provisioned. I made quiche for lunch (caramelised onion and goat cheese with thyme) with the idea that the leftovers will furnish lunch when we arrive in Kirkwall. The remaining new potatoes will make a potato salad to have with it. Still on the economy drive, oh yes. Making the quiche took […]