Slim Chance

Mr L’s sweater yarn is, on the face of it, still in Leicestershire. However it has “arrived at hub” in Hinckley twice now, if the tracking is to be believed, so I imagine (hope… trust) that the record from yesterday is actually of it leaving there. It seems to remain a long way off from […]

Wild and dreary

It is a foul day today indeed. The light has not really been with us all day and now at three pm it is all but gone again. I confess to having done nothing useful or productive today. I am sitting at my desk, listening to an audio book and knitting on the new cowl […]

A hiatus is imminent

I checked the tracking info on Mr L’s yarn and it seems to be lodged in Birmingham. It will not be here any time soon, then. Warriston will be finished, the knitting part at least, today. I am now wondering about filling in the waiting time by casting on a cowl. I could: add the […]

Almost there

Surprised today, and not a little disappointed, that the yarn for Mr L’s sweater was not delivered yet. It does give me breathing space on the Warriston but I guess it means that I am held up to next week with the birthday sweater. Warriston itself is cracking on nicely. I am now working on […]


Continuing to search for a perfect hooded cowl pattern, I fell upon this Jane Thornley item: Cowled Capelet Not exactly what I had in my head but the basic form is right and… … I now know what to do with the yarns left over from my Colinette blanket! I have long been meaning to […]

O, the horror!

Warriston has been going like a bomb. I was so pleased when I reached the end of the raglan decreases last night. I set to counting the stitches as I am never quite sure how to interpret the instructions and when Repeat 15 times means actually do 16 in total… designers appear to differ in […]

Pattern Search

I was watching  a film yesterday and one of the characters was sporting a fantastic cowl. It struck me as being perfect Orkney wear and I should very much like something similar. It was worn on top of a leather jacket and at first looked like a shawl or wide scarf wrapped around but I […]


Putting to good use

Today’s edges are just a little tinged with sadness memories. When Suzie was still with us, she loved to chase Frisbee. We would buy Frisbees for her by the dozen as they either took flight into the sea, were lost in the barley next door, or simply wore out. When she died, we had a […]