There and back again


I took Treacle to the vet yesterday, his second trip within two weeks. He was failing to make adequate progress and had also some kind of episode on Tuesday evening that caused him great pain or distress. We rang the vet surgery, ten minutes into after hours, and they agreed to see him as soon as we arrived from the boat on Wednesday.

Waiting for our taxi to the vet
Waiting for our taxi to the vet

The vet advised that x-rays and blood tests were needed and was worried about the short period of time until the boat home, so I suggested that we leave him overnight so that they could take all the time that they needed. Overall the vet was not happy with the state of Treacle’s lungs, given that he has been on antibiotics and steroids for two weeks. She also suspected arthritis in his rear legs, so chest and skeletal x-rays indicated. He had, as I had suspected, lost more weight in the past two weeks.

I suspected bad news coming after she said “Do you have insurance?

Although I felt a bit like I had a part missing on leaving the vet without cat or cat carrier I managed to enjoy the day, its weather and my walk across the Peerie Sea to Tesco, where I bought some shopping bags and made use of the unexpected opportunity.

A call last night told us that the x-rays had not been conclusive: Treacle had so much fluid on his lungs that the heart was not visible. They would treat him for the fluid overnight and try again with the heart x-ray today.

A different vet called this morning and her opinion was that an x-ray today would be pointless, so he’s stopping another night to see if the fluid can be reduced and they’ll have a go with the x-ray on Friday morning. We should most likely collect him on Friday.

Unfortunately the vet is of the opinion that either Treacle’s heart is enlarged or has a tumour – his heart is pressing on his windpipe. Either way, his long term prognosis is not good but after a change of medication he has made upward progress overnight.

My poor wee man!

Collecting him tomorrow may be problematic – we tried booking the car on the ferry but would be 7th Reserve coming home. That said, the weather forecast shows strong winds from the South tomorrow afternoon – the kind of conditions that result in ferry cancellation.

Seabirds on the Peerie Sea
Seabirds on the Peerie Sea – all up in the air

Fair to say that it’s all up in the air at the moment.

In the mail yesterday, just before I had to dash off for the bus – my 2x lens extender. Obviously I have yet to try it out. I thought perhaps today but the wind is a bit strong for camera play.

2x extender - I had a great deal on this from Amazon and it was a pound cheaper than a grey import would have been.
2x extender – I had a great deal on this from Amazon and it was a pound cheaper than a grey import would have been.

In the mail today – a begging letter from the Cats Protection League featuring a sad-looking little black cat and a flyer for pet insurance from Tesco. Eerie.

Teddy is wandering the house, shouting. He is very disconcerted with no Treacle to curl up to. I know how he feels.

I can’t Fast today. I’m making soup for lunch but don’t feel like focusing on calorie counts and certainly did not feel up to skipping breakfast. I will however try hard not to comfort feed all day long.

Well, WordPress appear confident that when publicising posts to Facebook, a featured image is selected for display. I’ve been looking at debugging info but nothing strikes a chord and I don’t seem to have any plugin conflicts… and yet FB is now arbitrarily selecting the first  image to appear in the post rather than the (almost always carefully selected) featured image. Worse still, FB is presenting that as an image posted to FB and people are “liking” (GOD HOW I HATE THAT LIKE BUTTON!) that image not following through to read the post. In fact FB doesn’t even make it clear that there is a post to be read.  What a heap of   crap.

I wonder what happens if I attach a featured image but don’t add a pic to the post. I think I’ll try that now. Any old pic will do?

I’ll most likely turn off auto Publicising. If you want to read my drivel you’ll have to come here to do it.


Yes, I am crusty and annoyed this morning. I’m up early and ready to take Treacle into town. He took a nosedive last night and is in considerable pain. It’s a long day to  little effect as I shan’t be able to fit anything else in. Going via Eday on both directions and unable to go up to the lounge, it will be tedious indeed. Poor Treacle is forced to travel in a draughty passageway – and I must join him.

I’m taking a camera but cannot promise that it will see any use. Likewise the knitting.

Dammit. Must get some brekkie or I shall starve until teatime.


Another lovely day

Got up to bright sunshine again today, with the sky a brilliant blue and larks once more on the wing. Norma the postie failed to bring me my new camera goodies but she did tell me that the north end of the island was white over with snow. Had I been able to take the car out, I would have been off immediately. Alas, until the wires that were chewed by rats are surveyed and fixed as necessary, I am not able to take the car anywhere at all.

Look at those glorious golden yolks - what good girls my girls are.
Look at those glorious golden yolks – what good girls my girls are.

I had no idea what I should produce for lunch today. The girls are back into production, thus eggs sprang to my mind. I elected to make a curry. Yum, yum.

After lunch the sun was still shining and it seemed ridiculous to waste it and to mount the treadmill, so I put my boots on, grabbed my camera and set off for Lady Kirk. Just for a change I added my 50 mm lens to the camera, and I packed the 70 – 200 mm zoom as well. It sort of worked out that I walked down to the kirkyard with the fifty on, swapping lenses soon after I arrived there, and walked home using the longer lens. The tide was out so I walked back along the sand.

I took around 200 images today, and certainly have something that I can use for next month’s Changing Seasons (or this month’s, depending on how you view matters). I have been reminded how much I love the fifty. Why do I not take it out more often? The 70 – 200 mm lens is challenging for me, I really need a tripod to hold it steady. The only reminder I got there is why I don;t take that one out with me!

I actually wrote the Changing Seasons February post yesterday but it is a little early for publishing – they are scheduled for between the 7th and 15th of the month following, so I set my post to auto publish at the weekend.

Here are just a few that I took today. Nothing brilliant, I’m afraid.

gathering it all together