Bitting and bobbing

Today has gone past in a flash, though not due to any productivity on my part. I have sat here at my computer and for most of the day I have been sorting and choosing images for submission into the Sanday Show and preparing them for going to the printer. It took an age and I became perfectly boggle-eyed by the end of it. I enlisted Mr L to choose the best of them with me.

Today’s featured image is one contender that failed to make the cut.

The day has also seen my tweaking of this web site a little further and a re-naming. I’m not sure I have the name right. I may change it again.

Also today – I completed the A Hap for Harriet. Tomorrow I will wash and block it. It is less than perfect.

It has been a wet and grey day but this did not prevent dozens of swallows from being on the wing. The year is speeding by and the wee ones are already feeding up in readiness for leaving these shores. They take off from our roof and fly low over the ripening barley in the field next to our garden, catching flies before coming back to land on the roof again. I should love to capture them with my camera but they are way too fast for me… plus I was getting raindrops on my lens. I came back and sat at my computer again and settled for listening to the swallows chattering on the roof above my head.

So, very little done – and I’m not starting now. It’s time to print off the Guardian Prize Crossword, pour a drink and head for bed. I hope it’s drier tomorrow, I need to get some laundry done. Also tomorrow: bread-baking and spinning group. I may take my photos to town for printing on Tuesday.


I finally gave in and made the trip to Kirkwall yesterday. I did not want to go and I did not enjoy being there – it was  far too hot to be rushing around shopping, but I do feel better now that my fridge’s salad drawers are full to overflowing. We shall eat better this …


I said I’d do better…

Productivity would appear to know few bounds around here just now. It makes a change and I must say that it makes for a good feeling. Yesterday I repaired the Rivington Cowl error – I still ducked the grafting but did at least manage to get a 3 needle bind off done with the seam …


I will do better

Crazy, awful dreams last night. I was pretty much wakeful all night, on that brain-active threshold ‘twixt sleep and waking. No idea why – I had a salad sandwich and a cup of tea for my evening meal. Not exactly living on the edge, is it? I’m up early again but tired and grumpy with …


Further Dull

Lovely day today – I should be out with my camera. I’m not. The garage is kind of tidied. To the extent that a lot of stuff has been designated as rubbish and hence bonfire fodder and the remainder has been stacked in a tidier fashion, that is. At least there is now space for the …


More dull

Ah well. A good plan does not always come rapidly to fruition. The oil pipe on the old Rayburn is disconnected but we have two hitches with the water supply. Firstly, we cannot drain the system due to the stopcock being too large for the  hosepipe. Secondly, we cannot undo the nuts on the pipework …


Dull, dull, dull

I’m sorry. What can I say? It has been a dull week – nothing to talk about at all. My week has mainly been spent in preparing a pint pot to accept a quart of stuff this weekend.  Yes, I have been tidying, rationalising, junking stuff, and making space. There is now more visible space …


Topsy Turvy

Life seems to be taking a turn towards madness and mayhem just now. Having elected to take a slow approach to the DIY, suddenly everything seems to be gathering pace! Like Topsy, the job just keeps growing. A late decision to insulate the floors and add heating beneath the slate tiles escalated from an outline …



I was chatting to Gill the other day about the concept of luck. I believe very firmly that we make our own “luck” and that no fates or divine interventions are involved. Over the years various folk have remarked how very lucky I am to live where I do, having the lifestyle that I have. No …



I love Blipfoto. If you have yet to come across Blipfoto may I commend it to you? There is much to love about it. It’s a Scottish-based internet site for sharing one photograph a day – a daily photo journal.  Any photo, any subject, as long as it’s yours and taken on that day.  You …