Monday Outlook 29-6-15 (2 of 2)

All things must end

We are back into our normal routine today and I must say that it feels very strange to be sat around at a desk and not to be doing physical things. It’s not all plain sailing and there is still a deal of extra work being done in carrying washing up about the place! Today […]

30DaysWild27 (17 of 32)

30 Days Wild : 27

A bit of a rush today but here is the round up of yesterday’s time in the wild

grass2 (1 of 1)

30 Days Wild: 24

Today I was celebrating the simple beauty of grasses (and avoiding the awful smell in the house, where Mr L was sealing the new slate tiles)  

washing (1 of 1)

Making headway

Mr L was deep in a fit of gloom when he rose this morning. He is very tired indeed and this may be colouring his perspective because I think that he has done a far better job than he thinks that he has. All of the tiles are now down and we spent most of […]