Quick catch up post

I was quite liking this theme yesterday after having abandoned Pitch and its fascist approach to gallery display. Today however, I feel that Analytical is not going to serve our needs after all. I really do not feel that I want the overhead on my time, messing around cropping featured images because the theme cannot handle an elegant resizing. The search for The One True Theme continues.

I shall be tucking up with this later today – with a glass of white wine and my knitting.

So, this evening was dedicated to blocking up the van. Next step: fit the carpet. In Other News: nothing.  Yep, that’s right. I  have absolutely no idea what I have been doing all day. The time has slipped by in a haze and I have blobbed on my Blip. Not one photo taken today. I am cold – a chill wind seems to have cut me to the bone whilst we were messing about outdoors, so now I am going to snuggle under the duvet. Perhaps tomorrow will prove to be either more productive or interesting. Who know, it could even be both. Though most likely it won’t be either. I should like to fit some knitting in, whatever happens.

How we tired ourselves out yesterday evening

I’m late, I’m late

Subsequent to my previous post, I am trying out a theme named Pitch. There are some features of this theme that I like very much but it has a number of shortcomings.

Right. KCBW is all over and done with. It has been amazingly time-consuming and there are signs of neglect around here. I must set to, buckle down, show willing… whatever.

Day 7 of Knit Crochet Blog Week and I am all at sea with my knitting 6KCBWDAY7

This is the fifth post in a year-long series participating in The Changing Seasons photo challenge set by Cardinal Guzman

First there was the Man Cave, then comes the She Shed. Very nice, if you have the time, the space and the cash.

Day 6 of Knit Crochet Blog week and we are invited to survey our readers with a quick poll 6KCBWDAY6

Knit Crochet Blog Week. Day 5 is for something a bit different. Here is a Pearltree 6KCBWDAY5