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A new cycle

The post today brought my annual allocation of free ferry tickets. I immediately began to think “Let’s go to Shetland!” Of course, they are not effective until April 1st, so we shan’t be heading North any time soon. Also delivered today was my new rolling pin. It is not as posh as my last one, […]


Somebody pop the kettle on

It has been a funny old day, and a busy one. Mr L roused me from my slumbers this morning with the news that Brunhilde was booked on the ferry. He also mentioned that the support call for our Broadband fault had been updated to reflect the fact that there had been no update.  It […]

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Our Broadband was still crippled this morning. It does seem to be affecting only a few people on the island but we are surprised all the same that it had not yet been logged. Mr L was back at work this morning and so he called his Help Desk. They ran some line tests and […]


(not all) Beer and Skittles

It has been a quiet week, with nothing at all to report. Our Broadband connection remains very iffy – some things work fine, some work intermittently and others not at all. Mr L will brave the Help Desk at work on Monday but we shall not be holding our breath in hope of a fast recovery. […]

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I think the rain got in again

Nothing much to report here. The weekend was uneventful. Well, no, actually it was eventful. Mr L cooked me my breakfast on Saturday (croissants and frothy coffee) and Sunday (bacon rolls) and made my dinner on Sunday (Mongolian Beef). I’m not sure what I did to deserve such attention but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It […]


Another soup day

Having got the bar billiard table in to its new home, attention turned this morning to the darts component of this evening’s entertainment.  The board was found and cleaned, as was the wall cabinet. Darts we’re discovered from hiding places, re-flighted and their tips sharpened. The regulation height having been measured, it was time to […]

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Cueing up

Busy day today. Shopping first, when we bought a deal of rubbish and very little that was sensible.  Largely  my baskets were full of beer, nibbles and pickled eggs. Why so, you may ask. Pub Night! comes my answer. We have unearthed the bar billiard table from beneath two years worth of dust and DIY […]

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It’s the Orkney Camera Club competition time again. The last of the three “Monthly” competitions had its deadline this week. Unsurprisingly for me, having known about the topic and submission date since last September, I spent most of Sunday and Monday in trying to capture some of the ideas that have been swilling around in my head since Autumn. […]