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Lots of busy

Slowly getting the van provisioned. I made quiche for lunch (caramelised onion and goat cheese with thyme) with the idea that the leftovers will furnish lunch when we arrive in Kirkwall. The remaining new potatoes will make a potato salad to have with it. Still on the economy drive, oh yes. Making the quiche took […]

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Don’t Bank on it

So, the fifth day of this particular weekend got off to a brisk start and I went to turn up the AGA before even having my shower. The first batch of dough was mixed, the dishwasher was on, and so was the first batch of laundry before I even got a mug of coffee down […]

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An absence

Wet and windy this morning and conducive to nothing other than a dreadfully-bad-for-us fried Brunch. Later the rain stopped and the wind dropped a little so we started readying the van for its next trip. That lasted until I became distinctly bored with the task. After a stiffening jolt of caffeine we got the car […]

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A change is as good as a rest

After what seems an age we have today a change in the weather. The sun is shining! The wind has died down and it is not currently hailing or snowing. We took Nell for a run on the beach at Backaskaill. Mr L said the the forecast was not great and that we needed to […]


The Management

A day on which I have the house festooned with wet washing is more than likely not the best one on which to be making a Kedgeree for lunch, now that I come to think on it. Never mind, it was just the rib-sticking job on a day such as this. Ted was slow to […]


Green, not soup

There are a number of these “lock and lock” boxes in the caravan. I keep my colour-sorted felting fibres in them. ¬†Given that all my fibre stuff needs to be re-homed, I hatched a plan to empty out the boxes and re-use them in the RV. First task – check that they are correctly sized […]

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Economy Broth

This economy drive is proving to be quite enjoyable. Some interesting meals are emerging. Today I am making Economy Broth, a variation on Green Soup. Just the thing on a snowy blustery day like today. What is Economy Broth? Well, just like any old Green Soup but with added Pot Barley and without the use […]

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A bit of a slow day today, taking things easy and nothing much happening. ¬†The most exertion that we have seen today was to walk out and post our voting forms off. I tried to photograph some lambs but this sheep was a far nicer image, I thought Lots of talk today, re-drawing plans for […]