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All done, needs dusting

Yesterday carried on worse rather than better and it was bedtime before I twigged that it was the anti-histamines at work. I was dropping off at the keyboard before tea and just could not understand why I should be so sleepy. When I climbed into bed and began to scratch and registered that it was […]

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Disinclined to ply

There having been no takers for that skein of prize yarn, I intend to wind it today and to commence a second curl without delay.  I may offer up the finished item as a giveaway but you have now lost the chance to pick a an item/pattern for it to be made into. It’s a […]

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Outdoor activities

We had plenty of fresh air this weekend although we did not manage to get out and about at all.

Beautiful May skies make wonderful backdrops for completed knitted items

Paying it forward

I’ve won a skein of sock yarn on Ravelry, for apparently helpful notes on my Lady Lismore project. See the yarn here (Rav users). I like to pay things forward so if you like the yarn and fancy a pair of socks or a sock yarn shawl/scarf, whatever, let me know and I’ll see what […]

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Making progress

My To Do list is not making rapid progress. I have no idea where the weekend went to and you would think that with a three day weekend at least some productivity might be observable – but no. I actually spent quite  a lot of time chasing chickens. Now that they are being dosed on […]

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It’s always the same

Yesterday afternoon I went out to my van and I chain-plied the first bobbin  of the purple BFL. I didn’t want to and I could tell that I wasn’t really in the right frame of mind but I was feeling the time-pressure, knowing that we would be out all day tomorrow. Of course, I made […]