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Pie in the sky hopes

Busy, busy day today. The morning dawned fair and I managed to get one laundry load out, my duvet cover, but by the time that the bottom sheet and pillow cases were ready to hang out, the sun had been replaced by grey cloud. I gather that the sun still shines down South – no […]


Honesty being the best policy…

A couple of weeks ago I signed up to the Orkney Camera Club – they have a reduced price membership available to “Distant Members” for we outlanders. Although we cannot get to the monthly meetings we are able to submit images for the competitions and so on. I am not very competitive at the best […]


Where’s my knitting?

Where’s my knitting? I haven’t seen it for ages. I really feel in need of a few hours of quiet needle work. Yesterday’s sossidge sarnie was fabulous, the best I have had in years. It was Pork, Pear and Black Pudding sossidge, from Donaldson’s of course, and I split the links in half to fry […]

BeinnEighe VC

I think we may be sorted…

At long last, I do believe that we have our next trip itinerary sorted, with all the sites booked and all the wild sites identified (with back-up plans in place). “All” that I have to do now is to plan meals and shopping lists and identify points where shopping will be possible. The sinks, shower […]


Where is all the time going to?

If there were an enormous sand glass in front of me I¬†would be panicking right now, watching the sand run out. As it is, I don’t and I am therefore in Complete Denial. This is not a Good Thing as I really have a great deal to do and not much time, as I say, […]