December Reflections 31: my Word for 2021

I always hate this prompt, It’s such an artificial concept and far too akin to the Intention one.

I feel that overall the responses to this prompt this year are going to originate from a small and focused vocabulary and I should prefer to come up with something a bit different. I like ot be original 🙂 However, as I write these sentences I feel a nudge from my subconscious and it is offering me this word, which is one from the lexicon that I actually wanted to steer clear of.

The subconscious is not one for being ignored however.


Vaccinate. And vaccinate again.

Don’t delay, don’t avoid it, don’t fear it. There is nothing to fear. Don’t believe any of the ridiculous conspiracy theories doing the rounds.

Just vaccinate.

Make sure that you get the follow-up. If the first jab makes you feel a little bit off, this is just a sign that the vaccine is working and your body is preparing to meet infection. It is not an excuse to skip the second dose and the first one alone will not give you full immunity. Having one dose has the potential to be counter-productive in the overall fight against this virus.

Just vaccinate.

And be prepared to do it again before next winter.

Ensure that everyone that you know and love receives the same message.


I’m hoping to get mine done in February some time. I won’t be delaying once I receive the call. Whatever else I have on at that time can be deferred. I’m getting my protection asap.

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