December Reflections 17: Things I Missed

Much of what I have missed in 2020 has been covered by the prompts so far and I don’t plan to dwell on any of it. It is clear to any reader how much I (we) have missed our travels and that we really missed going to Portugal this winter. I wrote yesterday of my sadness at not reaching Giverny this year. I had expected to be writing this post about the travel and dining plans that we had that were scuppered but when I wrote a response to a previous prompt (05) I understood that it had not been a big deal at all and that we had still been out and about and had some wonderful days among those lesser ones (prompt 15). The meal in Girona that was to have happened in May has been re-booked for next year’s birthday and the other two dinner dates in Copenhagen are now water under the bridge – though we hope one day to dine at Noma, it’s not important right now.

It is my partner’s birthday today and I am dedicating my time and energy to giving him the best day possible at this time. I am focusing on being aware of my good fortune that I still have this amazing person in my life and I am grateful that nothing has taken him away and that I do not have to miss him.

So many people are missing their loved ones due to death, illness and enforced separations.

I am counting my blessings today and not considering that anything at all important has truly been missed.

Actually, what I am missing right now is the photograph that I wanted to use as the header for this post. I seem to have misplaced an extensive number of image directories dating prior to 2018. I found one here in my WordPress Media Gallery, taken on this day in 2006 – the Birthday Boy out in Kettletoft Bay with Suzie and Griff, Nell’s predecessors. We did not yet have Nell at that stage. It will do.

Okay, I miss Sanday, I admit it. This year and all years. Probably forever. I love France too but yet I still yearn for those Orkney skies!

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