Wishing on a Shooting Star; An Intention to Find an Intent

Yesterday was a good day. I felt positive and energised and achieved a good deal, I think. I was on quite a high when I went to bed. Sleep eluded me for a long time as my head was abuzz with ideas. The sky was bright and clear and I could make out the constellations through the skylight. A shooting star passed briefly through my peripheral field of vision. it was very bright.

I am not a superstitious being but yet I felt that my meteorite sighting was an entirely fitting end to my day. I tried hard not to label it with any significance but it did make me smile. A Geminid too. As a Twin, it’s quite challenging not to hang some spurious meaning onto it 🙂

Today I feel that much of yesterday’s energy has departed me. I don’t know if it is the lack of sleep or just that stacking the dishwasher and hanging the laundry out has dampened my spirits. Perhaps the good feelings will return once that I have a pen in my hand.

Plans for today include:

  • Packing parcels to send to the UK
  • Inventing and cooking a dish for dinner tonight
  • Exploring Zentangling
  • Making progress on the Daily OM writings.

1 The parcel thing is important. I feel it necessary to get them away before the impact of a No Deal exit from the Transition Period makes itself felt. So, that is today’s Priority One. Once we have stuck things down and weighed and printed and labelled, we can request a collection by our Factrice. A most excellent service, I say.

2 We have a piece of Truffled Brie that has packed it’s bags and is heading through the door in an attempt to Run Away From Home. We had some last night with some crusty bread and now are at the stage where I really must use it up quickly. We have decided upon a Dauphinoise-type dish, with the cheese in it, I will be using Celeriac rather than Potato. I found a pair of Mystery Sausages in the freezer to have with it. I shall add a salad. I hope it all works out. The Sausages may be Toulouse ones, and that would be a win, but they might equally be Boudin Noir, which is a far less enticing combination with the Dauphinoise. Everyday a little surprise and excitement in the disorganised household. Schrodinger’s Sossidge! I am itching to peel the foil away and see what delights are in store.

3 Zentangling has held a mild appeal since its inception but is not something that I have explored to date. It now appeals as a small-scale and readily portable hobby that I can continue when we are travelling. I plan to make baby steps with it today. Like all matters even mildly related to “artistic” I struggle to relate or to find confidence.

4 Yesterday I sat down and began lesson one of “A Year of Writing to Uncover the Authentic Self“. Just jotting down initial responses to the prompts given. I found it harder than expected. Although I understand the purpose of this course is a self-discovery, I don’t appear to be comfortable or able to do the jottings without some sense of direction. I literally don’t know how to respond to the prompts because I have no idea what I am aiming at.

Today’s personally-assigned writing task is to make a Statement of Intent, just for me. To understand what my purpose is in undertaking this year-long venture and to know what I (initially, at least) hope to achieve from it.

It appears that I am making myself a form of MIssion Statement. Oh, the horrible memories that term brings back. Looking ahead to Lesson 2, I suspect that I shall have ample scope for dredging up those particular employment-related feelings and memories! Something to look forward to? I think not! But probably worthwhile in exorcising some things.

Anyway, I have experience of Such Things, that’s the point, and I know just how long it is going to take me to come up with a finished sentence that encapsulates succinctly my Intent and my Aim. It’s not easy stuff, this! The focus that will be achieved will help me a great deal so it is worth tackling. Perhaps it will make me less verbose and more succinct and let’s face it, I could use some of that.

And does that not bring us back around to December Reflections and Prompt 28? Mayhap a real, formulated and articulately stated Intention for next year will emerge by the 28th. I do seem to be putting my back into it, don’t I?

I have my Circus Tent Stripes skirt on today, imperfectly paired with baggy old black leggings, some very tatty footwear, and currently also a dark green sweatshirt with orange patches where I splashed bleach. I feel comfortable but not exactly like the “together” woman I was appearing to be at the weekend. It does at least feel familiar to me. I recognise this version of me.

Onward: Zentangles are GO!


  1. Sabina Hope
    December 21, 2020

    Hi, I am enjoying reading about your experience with the writing course as I myself am looking into doing it

    • December 22, 2020

      Hello, Sabina. Welcome to the Blog. I am not finding time to make progress on the course just now. Not worried about that, I have 52 weeks to go at. I’ll knuckle down soon. Just seem to be pulled in many directions right now. I think I wish to complete the December Reflections and get those tucked away before I wrestle with my Authentic Self 🙂

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