Third Skirt

Before we get stuck in to Skirt Three I need to confess that I have today created an Account at Darn Good Yarn, in full expectation of succumbing to further skirts. This means that I now have a Referral Code giving a $10 discount to a Friend.

Just saying…

I have no idea whether this is First Come, First Served or if it is reusable. I will find out. (I found out, it is, so I will just leave it here to tempt you)

Skirt Three, a game of two distinct halves, methinks. Personally I wouldn’t choose to put these layers together but I adore the top one so will live with it. Apparently there is a Frankenskirting option, should I ever come across a better long layer.

It’s not a heavyweight skirt but is undeniably silk and has a fabulous drape, hang and flow to it. Quite the sexy skirt. The top layer is very silky and leans towards satin-smooth. The lower layer is a slightly lighter fabric with a slight crêpe-ish feel.

Different photography setup today as the clothes airer has actual laundry on it..

The red and blue look about right and the gold looks good but that green won’t play nicely

Okay, you know what I am going to say, don’t you? This is a really difficult colour to capture! I have tried my best to correct the colour in Lightroom but honestly, not even close. It’s a real chameleon and actually looks a different colour (definitely green) downstairs where I am writing this but very Aqua upstairs in the bedroom! The one thing that I am certain of is that it has lots of beautiful golden colour in it.

The back, not corrected for colour

From this point on I am going with whatever the camera chucked out because colour correction seems nigh impossible. Maybe I should take it outside… I think I should set manual White Balance and find a grey card before any new skirts arrive.

It’s not working for me…

The two layers together don’t speak to me, though I do see the relationships – there is an aqua stripe in the lower layer and some dark blue in the patten on the top layer. Without the red it might have been perfect.

There are a few pin holes and rather a lot of colour spots on the long layer. I think the colour spotting comes from the original red dye so may not wash out.

Nothing I cannot live with as I can’t imagine wearing this layer outside very often.

I do love that texture!

There is a spotted amla on the top layer.

Amla. The colour really is way off!

The golden border is gorgeous.

I have a few options on the styling without going off shopping.

The legs and feet aren’t going to be easy but during this winter I believe navy tights and French Navy boots will do. My desire for a plain silky T-shirt in French Navy is growing.


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