Penultimate Skirt

Skirt 4 is the one that I would have been least likely to take down off a shop rack. It held little appeal for me when I saw it in its bag. The colours are soft and muted – dull, to my mind, initially. It did not appear inspiring and I was going to leave it in its bag for re-sale.

I did open it and in that instant I realised the chances were that this would be the skirt that I would wear most often. It feels divine and is so very soft and supple. Also, opening the bag revealed a glowing brown in the under layer. A glorious shade.

A bit boring when compared to the other 4 skirts

I set my camera’s White Balance to Off today. I wasn’t expecting the results to remain so very “off” ! There’s no obvious way of setting a manual WB. I may need to read the manual, or maybe get out my better camera?

Anyway, once again – the camera failed miserably to reproduce the colours in the skirt. I have fiddled with the above shot to try and get close. It should be a muted Jade with Navy. From this point on I am delivering what the camera saw – it clearly favours blues over greens.

The rear
Not the best colour comb between the two layers. It doesn’t clash but it’s not striking in a good way either. Understated?
I should tidy up a little before doing the final skirt…

I like the long layer very much. It’s a lovely shade of brown but will need flipping over for best effect. Unfortunately this layer is heavily marked. It’s a light and delicate fabric, quite sheer. Not sure what to do about it but at least it’s the “wrong” side.

front – see the marks (most visible near the waistband)?

There is braid!

rear – love the ombre, it’s a fabulous marron shade at the bottom
I love these merged panoramic shots 🙂

So, much as I wanted to wear this skirt, it needed to be washed. I thought it might be a while yet but was delighted to find laundry nets at The Shed when we popped in to get some beer. I was able to start laundry with no Lockdown delay.

The marks have not come out 🙁

It’s possible to see the worst mark even in this shot, taken from a distance. They look like grease marks but feel slightly thick and stiff – but if it’s candle wax then it has already been removed, leaving a mark behind. Whatever it is, it appears that stronger methods are necessary.

Baking Soda has been suggested, in combination with an iron. Yes, I do have one. It’s in a box. Somewhere,

In a break from skirt obsession, December Reflections starts tomorrow. In a break from tradition, I am already ahead of myself, with tomorrow’s post written and scheduled for posting at 09:30. I won’t keep up this level of organisation for long but it’s nice whilst it lasts. But for now, it leaves me time tomorrow in which to take a long look at the final skirt.

The final skirt for now, that is. I seem to have succumbed to the 60% offer and have five more coming. My lovely husband is an enabler.


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