Skirt the First

First of five posts, one per skirt.

To continue the theme: pink, more pink, and beige. Beige? Perhaps champagne sounds prettier.

Easily my favourite skirt at first viewing, even before opening the packets. Surprising, as I almost put into my order notes “absolutely no pink!”

I didn’t intend to begin documenting the skirts with this one but last night as I was admiring the photo of all five skirts together, I thought that I had spotted some damage. I took the skirt out to check it and decided the sensible thing to do was to write this one up whilst it was out.

I think the duvet cover threw the camera’s colour balance out. The skirt isn’t red.

It’s a difficult colour to capture! I don’t believe any two photos came out looking the same shade of pink.

Back – see the bit that looks damaged?

Undoubtedly, the pinks of the two layers are unmatched. Possibly even clashing. I don’t mind.

Flashing the underskirt

The top layer is a very light silk, almost a chiffon, and positively floaty. The underskirt is a little heavier and with more sheen and suppleness but neither layer is particularly sensual in feel.

There is “amla” on the top layer:

Paisley “amla” on both colours

The amla doesn’t show up terribly well as the silk is so fine that the pattern on the underskirt shows through.


I can’t actually see whether the leaf pattern is in brown or possibly a dark purplish hue… it looks rather like dry Potassium Permanganate…

Reverse, showing front wrap with “pallu”
Reverse, showing the back of the skirt

The underskirt has “amla” – a check (Madras?) and stripe woven pattern

“Amla” woven pattern
Patterned “pallu” or border is also rather like Potassium Permanganate but in solution
oh, yellow bit. I need to go and check that out…

I am getting plenty of Lockdown exercise in, going up and down stairs to check the visuals against my words… That yellow patch seems to be a trick of the light but in checking it, I became more aware of the colours in this layer and found another pattern that I hadn’t previously noticed. It’s a complex beast.

The main section has bands of lavender grey and beige/champagne

I quite like that geometric section but it doesn’t form much of the whole skirt.

The beiges of the two layers are just as difficult to capture in true colour as is the pink. also, as with the pink, the two layers fail to tone.

I like both sides and will probably wear it both ways out at different times. I don’t much care for the clashing waistband when worn with the underskirt out so may need a belt to hide that.

Right, whatever am I going to wear with this one? My initial reaction was that I have nothing that goes. So, I pulled out my plain shirts. The white cotton certainly doesn’t work but the slightly off-white blouse might just work if I had a scarf to pull the outfit together.

That last remark sent me scurrying back upstairs again. There are three items in my handknits that might work with the underskirt but nothing that works with the top layer. However, this is to me a summer skirt and probably won’t be worn with a shawl, scarf or cowl!

Lurking in y undies drawer was this pretty thermal vest. Pretty enugh to be worn on whow, I htink. It’s a buttermilk shade and works better than white.

The colour is slightly warmer than it appears here. This top is light but warm. Quite sexy when worn, actually. Would you know it for a vest?

Might be shopping for a top here.

Hit the jackpot with the reverse side of the skirt though!

Magenta knitted cotton crew neck with deep ribbed welt and cuffs. Great colour.

Love the colour of this sweater, so much so that it was one of the few items of clothing that I kept when we packed up to go travelling. Maybe too heavy in texture to work well with the skirt but, really, who cares!

I also found this simple silk shift, which is perfect.

Spot on?

It’s quite long and I have yet to try it on with the skirt to see if t dangles below the hem but I suspect that I could get away with it without butchering it into a blouse top.

That’s Skirt 1. This post took forever to do but we are in Lockdown, what else is begging my time? It keeps me busy!

The big question now is not so much how I wear this one but when and where do I wear it. It’s not got anything to say to me on that matter just yet, so watch this space.


The section that looked damaged to me last night has actually been pieced in.


It’s a bit rough and ready but I doubt anybody will notice once I get the skirt on. The important thing is that it’s finished and won’t be fraying or getting worse.

UPDATE 25/11/20 A few shots of more potential pairings, none of them excellent but possibly useful


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