Oh, bum

I thought it time to cut a swing ticket off and to try wearing one of my new skirts. I took photos to share on a Facebook Group that I am in.


It appears that I really need a haircut very badly and also that I have gained far more weight than I had imagined. Pass the eggs…

To the skirt: I chose Skirt 1 and wore it with the longer layer outward. Paired with plum leggings and plum socks and I only had putty coloured shoes to wear but they team quite nicely with the oatmeal marl vest worn up top.

I feel the need of some kind of accessory to bring it all together. I tried a cowl but wasn’t thrilled.


I feel very cosy.

I feel very floaty and ethereal, despite photographic evidence to the contrary.

I feel like a very old Hippy. The skirt and Grandpa vest are items I would certainly have been wearing back in the Sixties.

Do we all regress as we grow older, I wonder.

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