Skirt the Second

(Yesterday’s post with the first skirt now updated with some more potential top halves)

Something strange is happening with my camera today and the images are even worse quality than usual. They are all very noisy for some reason and the colour reproduction is poor.

Front view

The colour is a beautiful and very true red, not pink-ish as my camera decided to show it here.

This is a heavier skirt than yesterday’s example, with most of the weight coming from the under layer.

When I first saw this skirt it was the red and navy that gave the first impact but this was followed closely by a slight sinking feeling that the two layers simply did not work together. After living with it for 24 hours, I began to see why the two layers had been put together – they are not entirely unrelated.

Rear View

The top layer is simply stunning and offers a real wow factor. It’s bold and bright. The red fabric has a geometric amla, not exactly a tile or tessellation but very reminiscent of a parquet flooring. I forgot to photograph it and will have to come back and insert the image later.

That colour is all wrong! Amla and dye detail

The dye job is poor, with many white streaks in the red ground – so many that they appear almost intentional. I don’t mind it. The silk is light and quite an open weave, rather like a georgette, I think. A simple paisley-style pattern in navy leaves plenty of red background to be admired. The broad band of pattern has a different amla, a fine allover pattern like water, ice, tree bark or something like that. The large leaf-shaped motifs are done with an almost metallic gold outline.

More sheen than is showing here

Both Sides Now

The underskirt has no amla and I think it is not silk but feels more like a Viscose or similar. The edging has a jacquard band in it. Brick red on cream all over with some dark golden/tan details – darker than the yellow-gold details on the top layer but there’s a relationship there. There’s a tile-like pattern that faintly echoes the red amla and there are paisley shapes in the border. So, the layers make some kind of sense even if at first glance they appear less than coordinated.

I think this layer needs flipping to get the best from it
Layer flipped for best colour and sharper pattern – has the added benefit of hiding the polka dot waistband!

I hit the jackpot on pairing this skirt with items already in the wardrobe.

I’m happy with the yellow top to wear with the reverse layer and the vest will do nicely when the weather is cooler. The red silk blouse is clearly excellent with the top layer but I would prefer french navy to tone things down a bit. Ideally a plain tee-style in a slinky fabric such as Modal. Similar in cream would be good too,

Both red and navy coloured tights are coming. Hopefully one colour or the other will be the “right” shade. Unlike the boots


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