The Spice Route

Project Spectrum turns to the East for May and June, with themes of Yellow, Spring, Air, and Wood. Yellow is definitely not my thing – at least pure yellows – acid, chrome and so on – are not. A little yellow, highlighting a gold or an orange or a brown shade, that’s not so bad, but you will never find me knitting myself a cheerful yellow polo neck sweater!

Spice Market (Mısır Çarşısı) Istanbul Originally uploaded by exfordy

I am going to stretch the brief and look to The East with a capital T.E. And to me that brings forth notions of the Silk Route, the Spice Trade, the rising sun, and matters Oriental.

I want to distance myself from the knitting for this segment and to spend more time spinning, cooking, taking photographs, and in the kitchen. Watch out for spicy recipes and photographs of cookery outcomes.

I have pencil roving in sunrise shades to spin and one knitting project that I hope will come to fruition before the end of June and would like to use silk or a silk blend for. Just the one. Perhaps two – there’s a chance of adding a spring sock project if Amazon ever deliver my copy of Sock Innovation. Other knitting efforts will be directed to completing North projects, UFOs, and to Bloke Sweater #2. Yes, it seems a shame – given the size of the stash… perhaps I can use some of it to learn to weave. I’ll do a Stash Special post soon.

The Stash - in its entirety
The Stash - in its entirety

In the craft room I plan to work with spicy shades and perhaps some Far Eastern influences. To do what, I do not know! Yet. It might be fun to do some collages incorporating whole spices.

I might explore the Air theme at a basic level – nothing much springs to mind right now. (And, speaking of Spring, there is an opportunity to make a Spring Bonnet for the May Fair on 24th May. Who knows? I might!) I intend to collect shells and driftwood and make some kind of mobile or wind chime… if the right materials turn up on the beach.

That’s it. There is little point in setting myself up for a fall. I’ll aim low, and leave scope for additional projects. It would be good if I could incorporate some felting or paper-making in the next few weeks.