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April 30, 2010 / Dear Diary

For most of this week, I have been completely convinced of my inability to produce an FO post today but lo and behold… I reached Thursday afternoon, the trees cleared, and I finally saw the metaphorical wood. In other words, I whipped that craft room into proper order and had space in which to work.

To be truthful, I do not suppose this really is a finished object; it is a finished weaving, but it has yet to become whatever it is destined to be.

August 11, 2009 /

I met a man at the Sanday Show this year. We spoke of this and that. We admired the sheep. He told me that while he was on holiday here he would like to buy a hat. His ideal hat would be hand-woven or hand-knitted from handspun yarn originating from a local fleece.

This is Roger’s Handspun Hat

April 27, 2009 /

Small triangular shawl from handspun yarn.

I made this from the BFL tops that I was given when I was learning to spin. I made a 2ply of roughly 18 WPI with it.

Another project that took a long time to come to fruition. I had a couple of false starts with this but it went very quickly once I made my mind up to settle to it.