Second Weaving

For most of this week, I have been completely convinced of my inability to produce an FO post today but lo and behold… I reached Thursday afternoon, the trees cleared, and I finally saw the metaphorical  wood.  In other words, I whipped that craft room into proper order and had space in which to work.

My Second Weaving

To be truthful, I do not suppose this really is a finished object; it is a finished weaving, but it has yet to become whatever it is destined to be.

Ready to cut off

This is my second weaving, which has been sitting around on the loom for a little while now waiting until I could cut it off.

The problem of course is that it is an open weave and I am treating it as a piece of fabric and did not intend to knot the warp ends.  I needed to sew them.  Which meant… that I needed to unearth the sewing machine and make space to do some sewing.  Having finally achieved the seemingly impossible task, I reacquainted myself with the workings of my sewing machine today (believe me, this does not come easily to me.)

Et voilà:

Longer than I had expected

The finished piece measures approximately 13″ x 35″, and it has a very crisp handle despite its open structure.

  • Warp: commercial cotton warp
  • Weft: handspun wool singles, with handspun 2 ply silk
  • Loom: Ashford knitters loom
  • Reed: 7.5 DPI
  • Warp ends: I forgot to count
See the silk?
No, really, it is there

What to do with it?

Almost a yard!

I had the notion that I could use this to back a hand bound journal but there is rather more than I need for that.

One end is more white, with pink

Although I spun the batts randomly, the pink and purple parts seem to have separated themselves a little and I like the colour graduation very much — perhaps I should just hang it on the wall.

The other end has more purple

Okay, I am pleased with this.


I still have a skein of the singles and half the silk left, so I could make another piece like this if I wanted to. Perhaps not just yet – I still have cotton fibres up my nose from weaving this!

Morning Cirrus

Cannot wait to start the next weaving  For the last few weeks, I had madly believed that I would just whip up another couple of weavings this week, while Mr L was away.  Ha ha!

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