FO: Pamuya

A bit of a cheat this one, as I already wrote about it elsewhere – but it is all that I have to offer this week.

  • Pattern: Pamuya by Alexandra Wiedmayer of DragansVarg
  • Yarn: 99g of  Handspun (mine) 2ply from Ashford Silk/Merino (20/80)  sliver in Peppercorns
  • Notes: A lovely triangle, written for 4ply but very adaptable, with four different stitch textures in it.
  • Ravelry Project: Just for Show

A beautiful shawl that perhaps looks complex but is in fact very simple to knit. The rich textures in it are able to hide a multitude of knitterly sins. Believe me. Ask me how I know.

It is worth perusing the Ravelry project gallery for Pamuya, there are some nice yarn choices in there.

I shall make this again, perhaps in a heavier weight yarn and in a single shade that will show the stitches off to better effect. I have some DK raw silk that might look very well in this shawl… (One yarn that springs immediately to mind, after seeing EC’s completed Aestlight, is Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend — in Caspian, maybe?)

Next week, with a bit of  a luck and a following wind…. my Bridgewater (if I can figure out where to block it – it is the largest project that I have yet had to deal with to date.)