Scrambled Brains

I know that I had something to post today, under the Saturday Jumble category. Can I recall what it was – absolutely not. My brains are scrambled (migraine, right eye) – actually, I should probably rename the category Saturday Scramble…

So, let me see, what odd assortment of items can I bring you today?

  1. I have been busy this week keeping the chicken blog updated

    Gratuitous Chicken
  2. Texere have a special offer on, with free UK p&p for the whole of August. As they now sell Soak, this looks like a good way to get a heavy item delivered.
  3. Texere also have a very fine offer on a Merino and Alpaca, naturally dyed yarn — Willow £3.90 a 50g ball (90 metres). If only I could afford a jumper’s worth, I love the Sandalwood colour.
  4. Nip in quick for Alison’s one day only offer today at p2tog. Quote “August” for a 10% discount. P2tog is my first stop for all KnitPro items. First class friendly service and good prices, with really good value p&p charges.
  5. Something else taking up my time this week is 750 Words, where I have been renewing my “Morning Pages” habit. It is an awesome site and much kudos is due to Buster, its developer. I really am enjoying the return to the morning “brain dump” — clearing my head for the remainder of the day.
  6. The Twisted socks were completed last night. Mr L tried them on this morning and they fit like Cinderella’s glass slipper. Damn. I had hoped that they would be mine.
  7. That’s 2 UFOs busted this month to date.
  8. Next up: those horrible Very Terhi mitts. They have been unearthed but I cannot find the chart that I was marking progress up on.
  9. Test knitting is about to begin again. Romi has designed some fingerless mitts to match the Maia shoulder shawl. The pattern will not be on sale singly but will be in the 7 Small Shawls To Knit e-booklet
  10. I still have not found time to read any of my At Home With Faber book, The Lacuna. Must try harder!


  1. August 14, 2010

    I love the Willow yarn too…. however I just bought 2 jumper’s worth of yarn on my trip to America so I will resist!

    Also another recommendation for Alison’s service, she’s rapidly becoming my go to for all Knit Pro stuff as well, always quick delivery and really great customer service.

    • August 14, 2010

      I find that penury is always a great booster for resolve…

      Three Cheers for Alison – YAY!

  2. Susan aka paintermom
    August 15, 2010

    Sorry to hear about the migraine. I used to get them frequently, now I’m down to a few a year (no evil eye). Hope you feel better soon.

    Did you get my comments about the leftovers from the show?

  3. August 15, 2010

    .Did you get my comments about the leftovers from the show?  

    Absolutely. Did you see my reply?

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