Reasons not to leave Orkney, #927

I saw my GP last Thursday to enquire about a very minor elective surgery. He referred me to the Balfour Hospital in Kirkwall, saying it was something that he would normally do here on Sanday but the job is located in such a position that if anything went a tiny bit wrong, I might have to travel to Kirkwall on the ferry stemming a tide of blood –  so best to have it done there in the first place.

My appointment for Outpatients clinic has arrived this morning!

I love the Scottish NHS. Well, I love the NHS generally but there is no doubt that in Scotland the service performs well above that in England. Only this week I gave away a pair of unworn pyjamas, purchased when I was listed for surgery when we lived in Leeds. I never made it to the top of the list before moving away from the area three years later. Here in Orkney many medical matters are progressed with breath-taking speed but better yet is the atmosphere and level of personal care received.

I don’t think we shall do as well wherever we end up.

PS, don’t fret, it’s just a mole. I think the doc was joking about sitting on the ferry bleeding. I’m not sure I would get that far as the damn thing is positioned over my Carotid. Should anything go amiss, I doubt I’d make it the ferry! LOL

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