Well, things are suddenly become very real

What – twelve days since I last posted? I suppose my only excuse is that we have been tremendously busy. Poor Mr L is having ongoing fun with his rubbish bags (we had a second pack of 50 delivered) and the heap for the special refuse collection on 8th August is taking on gargantuan proportion. We held our Book/DVD and Picture sale last weekend. Quite  a few books went, but no pictures. I have left the remainder of the stock out in the conservatory and invited all and sundry to drop by and take what they wish – I need the bookshelves for displaying the craft items that I hope to sell on the 29th and 30th of this month.

Things are going well in the garage and almost everything of any value has been rehomed or ticketed for somebody or other. One room in the house is now completely cleared. Ebay ads are being written for items that Mr L believes are unsaleable on Sanday. As for me, I am engaged in the huge and painful task of sorting out the Craft equipment and materials. I wrote an advert today for my Wheel (Schacht Matchless DT), E-spinner (Ashford) and my Loom (Ashford 4-shaft 32″ with stand and treadles, warping loom, raddle, reeds etc.) and will take that into town with me tomorrow when I go to the hospital. I hope to be able to have it displayed in For Arts Sake, which seems to me to be the best place to advertise.

I am not sure what I shall do with the rest of my time in town tomorrow. The usual mammoth shopping cannot be done as today we sold the fridge/freezer. Our supplies are now chillin’ in Vincent’s ‘fridge and we shall now have to manage that way until we go. Shopping on a day-to-day basis will at least get us in training for France.

A table and chairs also went today, along with the sofa. Yes, we have now reached the level where things are becoming real and the truth is sinking in: we are actually doing this thing. To confirm this to be so, our buyers told us yesterday that their solicitor has sent ours the formal offer for the house. This is good to know and offers us a level of confidence, though we are eager to know the detail.

For the interested – I may be cutting my own throat but I intend to sell the Wheel and the Loom on Orkney, buyer to collect. I really cannot at this time get involved in the mechanics of packing and delivering. Should you wish to buy either, you will need to be able to collect from Sanday or to arrange someone to collect it for you. There’s a possibility of packing and posting the E-spinner though.

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