Such is Island Life

Progress report: Three boxes of glassware and kitchen equipment etc sorted ready to take to the Recycle shop, one tent removed from the premises and a bin bag of things for Cats Protection identified and ready to go. Mr L has filled several bags of rubbish from the garage and put it outside. There will soon be room to turn around in there. In the mail today – our new passports, so we are ready to up and go now. Any time we wish. Yay!

A more than usually successful on-island shopping trip this morning resulted in the generation of some culinary inspiration and excitement and we  are quite looking forward to our dinner for once. I have some nice plump chicken breasts, which I have stuffed with Boursin and then wrapped in bacon. There are fresh new potatoes to go with the chicken, a rocket salad dressed with a homemade vinaigrette, and a couple of nice corn on the cob to bake in foil. Mr L has just returned from a foray for wine with a rather tasty up-market Sicilian (!) Chardonnay reduced to £9.99 from £17.99 – which seems  a little too good to be making a sauce from, so I think we shall do without the sauce and slurp it instead. I hope I  have left us a couple of wine glasses to use.

Unfortunately the local farmer is spreading slurry on the field next door to us and I now find my appetite somewhat diminished… though my sinuses are clearing nicely.


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  1. J J Ross
    July 7, 2017

    Hope you enjoy your meal.

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