Further stuffing

I added some hooks to my shelving units



and then I unpacked my project bags and hung them from the hooks. I think I have some kind of idea about ranking them in order to be finished, from top to bottom.


These are the bags that I buy in Kirkwall from the linens shop. They make curtains to measure and fashion these bags from the remnants. The bags sell at £2 each and are immensely useful, and also rather decorative!

My next task was to move my books in. I identified a few to dispose of and put the ones that I wish to keep on to the shelves.



With this morning’s post on the topic of UFOs in mind, I unearthed my hexapuffs




and even worked on a couple this afternoon. I shall be needing a new repository for them soon but for now I am decorating my table with this glass vase of puffs as a reminder to keep plugging away at them.

Things are coming together and the van is starting to look quite homely and colourful



whilst most items are finding a natural home, few are as ideal as this


I think that the previous owner must have specified this storage solution for her canvases, whereas I am finding it ideal for taming my blocking mats – it also has ample space for my Knitter’s Loom.

It is raining a little too hard now for to-ing and fro-ing to the van, so I am going to settle down and knit a couple more hexapuffs whilst I ponder where to find a comfortable knitting chair for the van. It can double as a visitor chair, if I can find something suitable. I shall soon be ready to invite visitors in!



  1. May 27, 2015

    It’s looking great.
    Is it going to be warm enough to be useful throughout the year?

    • May 27, 2015

      That remains to be seen though I was told that it kept warm and dry all last winter. It has (or will have, once we connect) mains electricity and I shall put the Dimplex heater in if needed.

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