Limping along

We have been plagued by Broadband difficulties all week. It probably was not the week to be trying out new WordPress Themes.  Yesterday was particularly frustrating but I am feeling fairly good about the currently installed theme.

I hesitate to say that I may have found the one but I will say this – it’s looking pretty good so far.  What is good about this theme is that it leaves a great deal open to the user. It satisfies the need for creative control in fact. Unfortunately it also requires a fair amount of learning and familiarisation with a number of third party softwares.

All I can say is, watch this space. If all works out well then we shall be living with this theme for  a very long time as the effort that I shall have invested will be great.

Work continues on the caravan but only piecemeal. Today we emptied the utility room – and I mean emptied. The fitted units are currently stacked in the sitting room. Mr L has been removing the old cork tiles. Two weeks leave has been booked and we shall soon be doing the enormous job of laying the new floor and underfloor heating in the kitchen, utility room and front porch.

There won’t be much time for knitting, spinning or web site maintenance. Radio silence may be maintained for a while.

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