WIPs and UFOs

When I was packing up my kit and caboodle ready to move into the van it was KCBW and I needed to count my projects for my survey.  I took the opportunity too identify the contents of my boxes, bags and heaps. I feel that it is time for a full review of the situation and, yes, A Plan.  Another Plan, I should say. These things come and they go. Forward progress is incremental but overall, I do move forwards and have some sense of pride in that.

I have this scrappy list on my desk that has some kind of coded message in scrawled pencil. If I read it correctly, the state of play is thus:

  • Pi Blanket in Lopi – well on the way and waiting only for me to identify border and edge patterns before I may continue
  • Yellow cotton doily – perhaps 15% complete
  • Purple circular shawl, Lisianthus – barely started
  • Rivulet cardigan – waiting for me to lose weight before I fit the bust.
  • Warrington smock – up to the armholes, should only take a few days to finish once I pick up the needles again
  • Red cotton cushion cover, Hannelore – I think this was about 25% done when I put it away. Not sure without checking.
  • Silk circular shawl, Evenstar – I really want to have this done. I put it on hold whilst I sourced beads. I think I’ll just knit it plain and not worry about the beads.
  • Circular shawl, Windswept – yes. Supposed to be in the Show this year but is not going to make it. I love knitting this piece but other things keep taking precedence
  • Foxpaws scarf in Alpaca – barely begun. Makes me cry.
  • A handspun Curl – no more than cast on yet. Will not get to the Show in 2015.
  • The Denali throw from Arizona Dreams kit – first up for a finish but will need to buy more yarn first.
  • A He sock project – no rush, will keep in the campervan for when we go away
  • A She sock project – no rush, will keep in the campervan for when we go away
  • The Sock Blanket – a very ancient project and one that I think I shall make progress on now that I have the caravan to play in
  • The Hexapuff Blanket – barely begun, really. I am going to make this my Ferry Knitting project for the foreseeable future.

That is 15 items, in various states of completion, but all destined to be completed rather than junked. I had reported 14 in my survey response but then I found another project bag.

I am not going to document these in full just now. I am still seeking a WP theme template that serves my needs beautifully. I particularly want to make use of the Project post type, which today’s theme does not support. I also want a theme that supports Featured posts. The search continues. Once I have my theme in place, I think I shall set up Projects for each of these UFOs and document each in its own place.  I shall gather them together via a menu item.

That is one part of the plan, at least.

May we just note for today that at one time I exceeded 30 UFOs. If memory serves, the number was 32. I have more than halved that. The girl done good, yes?

What I have not revealed here is the number of mental projects. You know – project identified, pattern purchased, yarn stashed, not yet cast on. There are quite a few of those that I carry around in my head as effectively UFOs. When I set up the Projects I shall add these gestating projects to the record.

Off the top of my head, I can think of a Mythos Cardigan in a yarn that came from Natalie at The Yarn Yard, a cotton tunic, an alpaca sweater, a cotton cardigan, and a jacket from the purple Colinette kit yarns. It’s a lot, isn’t it?

I am reminded that I need to write up my survey findings. I shall do that as soon as I can. Today is for moving my book collection into the van. I also plan to bring my UFOs out into the open, where they cannot be forgotten. First – bread-baking and Toad in the Hole.

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