You may scold

I am doing a parlous job of keeping up to date, aren’t I? I swear that it is these 4 day weekends – they leave me with no time to myself at all.

Nothing has been done – no spinning, no knitting and no blog updating, anywhere. Am just about keeping up with blipping.

It is all made worse by the fact that today I discovered a fabulous time-waster. More of that in the weeks to come, I think.

So, sorry, one week on and still nothing to say!

Today’s pic is this morning’s Monday Outlook blip. Dull, is it not?

Dull weather, dull life. Mr L spent his weekend patching the porch roof and power washing the path. I did some organising in the kitchen and washed the floor. It’s not photogenic and it isn’t interesting.


I think I need to get a handle on this and create some interest.

The SUMS Puzzle Hunt week ought to be along soon. I do hope so, anyway. I’m tired of dull.

Right – I have been instructed to remove anything I value from my caravan so I must go out now and tackle that task. The Autumn gales are finally on their way and we expect gusts of 60mph or so on Thursday. It will be the first test of the caravan’s tie-downs.

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  1. spinninggill
    October 19, 2015

    Very wise to be cautious about the ‘van. Hopefully it’ll be fine. Your chicken house is. 🙂

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