Head>Desk Proximity Situation

Hello. Things are not going well. I am all behind. Won’t bore you with the reasons just want to say I’m still here and I will reveal all about the hols soon. For a sneak peak, try my Blipfoto back-blips (starting here).

My computer is ailing and not too happy at my productivity demands. It took me all day yesterday to select a dozen submissions for the Orkney Camera Club‘s Battles and Exchanges programme. Well, I did have 38K+ images to choose from. It was an interesting experience and taught me a lot about how I have progressed as a photographer over the past 10 years or so. It was also hugely frustrating as my machine kept grinding to a halt. In the article that I have linked to in my photo blog I talk about keeping the poorer images. It really  is good advice but as I said – 38k and counting… I think that I ought to prune a little.  Just duplicates and complete failures, out-of-focus shots and so on. In fact I may start the process the very next time that the weather is too awful to get anything else done.

That said, I have yet to clean Brunhilde out. She’s more or less emptied of stuff but I have yet to do the spit and polish part. Today’s events upset the laundry queue and I still have to complete the post-holiday wash. There is also knitting to be done, and spinning and oh, yes, housework. Then I have to catch up on the Changing Seasons project, last year’s trip to Scotland needs writing up for Two Snails and I need to complete the posts for Hoy and the September trip to Scotland as well as writing up the last trip.

My To-Do list seems to be in constant growth!

Today has been a bad day (I have written of it elsewhere) – no detail necessary but I’ll sum up by saying that I am tired, harassed and in pain in far too many parts of my old body. On the plus side, I got out for a walk with my camera, so do have  a Featured Image to share today. Hurrah. The walk was not scheduled and it did throw a few spanners in today’s works but the sun was lovely.

I’m trying to sort out the problem of Scheduled Posts not publishing. I guess there’s no hurry as we shall not be away again for some months but, you know, I shall forget if I don’t do it now.

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  1. spinninggill
    October 13, 2015

    It must have been you that I subliminally saw, when I turned left our of the shore road to go down to Jean’s shop. 🙂

    By the time my brain had registered that it was probably you, I was half way to How! 🙂

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