I was not going to bother with a WIP Wednesday post this week as we seem to have had several WIP reports in recent days. Added to which, there is nothing new in progress to see. Then I recalled that Norie was knitted so quickly that we never saw it in progress. So here it is, the Norie hat in incarnation #2.

I have 60 of 83 body rows completed and have every intention of completing this hat tonight.

The first incarnation was way too large, the second appears to be on the snug side. We may yet see incarnation #3. Sigh.

Today has been immensely busy, but not in any direction that I had intended and I therefore feel that I have been very unproductive as I am behind on everything that I meant to do.

One thing I did do was to blog an idea that I had overnight.

Tomorrow I must deal with a mini egg glut – if we get another five tomorrow then I shall have 30 eggs to deal with. Apparently we are having egg curry again. I like egg curry, but perhaps not quite this frequently.

Also tomorrow, I hope to spend a day at my work table with a grafting needle… but as I failed to get the shopping lists sorted today, perhaps there will be no time for needlecraft.

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WIP Wednesday (Tamis Amis)

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