Thrilled Skinny?

Two Thursday Thrills today – both come to us via other blogs.

My first thrill comes via Romi’s post on Tuesday – Perfectly Plus, a knitting book especially for the generously proportioned knitter such as myself:

Perfectly Plus offers nine knit-to-fit garments stylized to accentuate the positive parts of you while emphasizing proper proportion in all those key areas that every plus size woman cares about most.

As a plus size woman and knitter, questions can often arise such as: Can I adjust the measurements to fit my special body type? Will the sleeves be too long? Will my sweater come out too short? Before you embark on your project, you’ll feel confident, and reassured that your time and money will be well spent.

I confess to being a bit reticent about knitting garments for the new larger me, knowing that I am disproportionately large about the bust — and not being clear about how to make the best of my attributes without drowning the rest of me. I need some instruction on sizing and this book seems just perfect for me, and I like several of the patterns quite a lot. There is a downloadable PDF version available from Annie’s Attic at just $15.95

I’ll probably buy it soon.

My second thrill came via the Knitty Blog, where I found this Make The Bunny Talk page… well, I had to explore it and… well, I WANT ONE! No, I have no idea why. I just like them.

I’ll most likely never have one, though. But learning about them certainly made me smile.

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