Lots to show and tell

There are far better energy levels about the Windswept Acre now that the days are lengthening, so we have much to show and tell today.

The card reader is in my machine and fully working — it took a large chunk of Saturday to get matters that way but at least I can reacquaint myself with the Canon camera. Photos should improve slightly in the coming days but for today, only time for hasty snaps.

Good post today. I got books, and books are always good. These are from Orkney Library for the At Home With Faber project.

Yesterday evening we lugged the  jukebox into the office so that it can be worked upon more easily. The newly-arrived stylus was fitted and sounds emanated. Quiet sounds. New capacitors have been ordered.

Of course, the problem with introducing a pristine flat surface into  the office is that…

…it rapidly becomes a repository for stuff. Here we see the railway station kits that arrived this very morning.

I shall take that as an early warning that I need to clear off my worktable next door so that kits can be assembled. First of all I need to complete my own work. Several finishing tasks will require the use of the table and the good light.

Yesterday’s frogging released some yarn for new projects:

I was also able to free up a circular needle, an interchangeable cable, a cable needle, and a stitch marker – result!

The project that I was supposed to be knitting yesterday, I moved to today — but overnight I got to thinking about frogging it.

I mean — I love them, I do, but I do not believe that I would ever actually wear them. I’ve had the experience of knitting one, do I really need to slog away at another, just to get the UFO count down? Wouldn’t that yarn be better as socks? (or in my blanket)

Besides, closer inspection suggests that there may be a problem with mitt #1…

…right there, front and centre – see it? How come I never saw that before?

Off to the frog pond, right away!

Antalya was finished yesterday. I confess to feeling daunted about the grafting. Perhaps I’ll need a few days to psych myself up for it.

It’s a matter of following the line of the waste yarn, apparently. Sounds easy doesn’t it? The pattern gives full instructions and very clear diagrams. So long as I take my time and work in a good light, it ought to be OK. It’s removing those waste yarn rows that frightens me. I should have used a different yarn. The silk will leave bits behind, I am certain.

So – progress is being made. With the Antalya finished and the Infernal Mitts abandoned, I frogged and cast on again for the Norie. Then I found that I couldn’t join the stitches on the needle that I was using. I put it away last night and plan to use some DPNs today to get it going. I got my plain ferry sock out and knitted on that in bed as I would like to have the gusset picked up before boarding the boat on Friday.

Still to do this week: Fix/finish/block the Clapotis and finish the Norie. I am also allowed to cast on my second Gordes if I feel the need. It is still only Tuesday, so things are looking good. Apart from the weather, that is. Mr L is fretting about high winds due for Friday and is suggesting that he go to town on his own in case the boat home gets cancelled. Somebody has to be here for the menagerie. Well… more knitting time, I suppose. The guilt levels are high, though. Shopping is a lot of work for one person alone.

Now there are 34 projects remaining and an estimated 35 weeks of effort. OK so I did the easy bits of frogging etc. – but deciding on that was pretty difficult!

I am banished from the office this afternoon. I think I may have space in my week for a little weaving, so I’ll pop off now and light a fire.

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