There is a batch of home-made Granola cooling on the kitchen table and a seeded loaf is rising as I type. I’ve made an experimental bread today, using half Spelt to half white bread flour. I had only 3 grams of dried yeast remaining but a rummage in the freezer found me a chunk of once-fresh proper yeast. Past efforts with freezing yeast have yielded a runny mess. Today I elected to grate what I needed straight from the frozen block. So far (fingers crossed) that approach seems to have worked well. I used a hydrolysing method and the resulting dough does feel very light and elastic, so I have high hopes for what may emerge from the oven later. As always with my bread, it will be a surprise.

A chicken and chorizo risotto is bubbling away for lunch, maybe not quite so wholesome as my other efforts today!

It’s another grey day but not wet like yesterday, although we do have our first garden pond of the season.

I’m going to continue tidying my room up today and then sort myself out for my trip to town on Wednesday. I really would like to do some knitting but the day is getting away from me quite quickly and it does seem unlikely that I shall find the time.

So – basically boring here. Please talk among yourselves and I’ll let you know when/if anything of interest actually happens.

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