Busy little bees

So much to do, so little time. I cancelled my day out at the Science Festival. Better luck next year, perhaps.

Mr L spent half of yesterday wriggling about underneath Brunhilde. He diagnosed that a new fan-belt was needed. One is on its way to us. Other than that, all is good to go – the new battery is in, all the broken locker locks are replaced, the new water pump is in, the waste outlet is also fitted, and all the leaks are plugged.  The new cheapo radio with USB is fitted and so is a brand new and very nastily cheap Chinese SatNav. Hey, they work, let’s not get picky. Well, for some/certain values of “work” 🙂

The Auracaria crossword books have arrived and are now in the van. I’m seeking an offline dictionary app for my phone now. The Collins with Thesaurus combo is a bit rich for my pocket, sad to say. Oh, and I am also fancying a nice set of Go, if I can find such at an affordable price.

Also arrived: the new 90 day automatic cat feeder. A slight sledgehammer to nut combo here, but Treacle has no limiter, so we can’t just put a load down – he’d eat it all on Day 1 and spend the next couple of days puking it up around the house. The current feeder only does 4 meals. Our visiting feeder is doon Sooth and therefore unavailable to us.

Our Tourist Map of Orkney and Shetland also landed today.

I am still waiting for my Bialetti espresso pot.

So, what do we plan to do when we go away? Geocaching!!! It has been a while – we have done a grand total of one cache (2 visits) since we moved up. When we first came to Orkney in 2006, there simply were none here. We thought of planting some but had previously been so disaffected by the geocaching.com people that we kind of lost heart. If we do plant any new caches, we shall be listing them at opencaching.com. Anyroadup – I have a new app on my phone and I have loaded it for offline use with all the caches on Mainland Orkney, and on Sanday. There are now plenty to keep us busy. I’ve also got offline mapping and GPS navigation via Skobbler. I need to buy cache tat when we arrive on Mainland Orkney, then we are good to go.

I’ve still not managed to do any knitting or spinning.

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