What happened to WIP Wednesday?

Today is WIP Wednesday. I’ve no proper post for you – I’ve been out being busy.

Last week’s WIP hat raced into the final straight and became an FO by Friday.  A brand new project began and finished without ever being aired as a Wednesday WP. More of that this Friday. Snowbird is now ready to have a sleeve attached — and the Morning Surf is already into the final furlong and might also be an FO by Friday, if I can get it blocked in time. Link has not made much progress – less than one repeat in fact.

My new ferry project is a Quill cowl. It is a very slow knitting project. I made less than four rounds today, despite over 3 hours incarcerated on the ferry. Pictures next week. There may be more to see by then.

Another new project leapt onto the needles last night. There isn’t enough of it yet to call it a WIP, but there might be by next week.

Sorry, that’s all — there’s a hot bath waiting, and a bottle of cold beer with my name on it.

What? Pictures? Erm… No. Really. There is nothing to show.

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  1. June 2, 2010

    I thought you were talking about the bath there for a minute! 🙂

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