Marshmallow, meringue, or cumulus?

WIP Wednesday comes around awful fast, does it not? Perhaps that is because I have been keeping myself busy…

Busy or not, there is not much WIPpage to show off today. That is, I suppose, because activity has been so intense that WIPs are becoming FOs at a rate of knots. Indeed, had I not been so busy that I failed to notice that last Friday was in fact a Friday, we might have seen some FOs then. Shall we try and get it right this week?

So, what is on my needles?

Mostly this shawl, which has been around for a while and is now an entry into the WIP class for the Colourmart Lovers thing:

I picked it up again on Monday of this week – it had been left at 6 pattern repeats back in March. I took it to (I think) 9 pattern repeats and am now in the transition chart. I was hoping to complete it today but these are long and boring rows now and I don’t think it will be cast off until tomorrow.

I feel as though I am knitting a cloud, or maybe a meringue. If you look at the reverse side you might see what I mean. There is so much bulk, and so very little weight in it.

Also making some slow progress this week is the Quill cowl. I managed to limp to the end of the first chart and have all of 16 rows completed now. No real reason for it being slow to knit, other than sheer fiddlyness. It is going to be truly pretty, I think. One day. A long time from now.

The Snowbird cardigan has been having a little hibernation period while I cranked out some finished objects but I picked it up again today and started on the first sleeve. We shall spend some quality time together once the white shawl is finished. Maybe not a lot of time, there are items begging to be cast on.

The Link scarf has made no progress this week, nor has the weaving.

Wake me up when it is Friday. Please.