Walk me to School? Phoneography Pt 2

Following Monday’s walk to the harbour and back, for the Phoneography Challenge, I thought you might like to come up to the island’s Community School with me? I am helping out with the after-school Knitting group today. While I walk, I hope to try out the Shoot-from-the-hip challenge. I am taking the pocket cam as it appears to respond today to some of my requests for zoom.

Quick Tip: Getting the Good Shot

Shoot from the hip: Grab your phone or your camera and experiment with NOT framing shots. Walk around your neighborhood, head downtown, and keep pressing that shutter button while holding the camera at hip level. Find anything surprising in those shots that you may have missed from shooting at eye level?

I do not have my glasses on, so I am uncertain as to the settings currently deployed. It is going to be one large adventure.

Grab your coat, we’re off.

We are going out of the gate and turning right again, as we did on Monday, and walking to the top of the road

The tide is in again - look, swans!
The tide is in again – look, swans in the bay!

We shall turn right at the top of the road today, and describe three sides of a square as the School lies almost directly behind my house, up on the hill to the north.

The school, up behind my house
The school, up behind my house

Scene on the way:

Turning right, looking up the road to Burness, Bea Loch to the left

Burness Road
Burness Road
Castle Hill

Just past Castlehill, we are going to turn right again

Turning back towards Lady Village on the Hill Road
Turning back towards Lady Village on the Hill Road

Half a mile to go to the School and plenty of time for some hip-shooting…


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