Vibrotis outing

My Vibrotis Clapotis proved to be just the job for our Christmas Day walk and picnic. I felt both bright and cheerful and cosy in the fresh wind – and it is a very comfortable item to wear. I fully intended to take a FO shot while I was out in the winter sunshine, but with three dogs on hand at lunch time, it kind of got forgotten about. So all I have by way of FO shots are boring indoor ones, taken on a much greyer day. Today is stormy and rather horrible, so I shan’t go out and redress the balance just yet.

Yesterday was very nice though, even if my photos don’t do it justice (a sorry tale of wind-induced tears in the eyes plus a natural level of incompetence with the camera)

Whitemill-Christmas-2007thb Griff-Whitemill-Christmas-t

Nell-Whitemill-Christmas-2t Suzie-Whitemill-Christmathb

The dogs had a fine time

There was much kelp on the beach

and many birds


and here are the FO’s

Vibrotis-FO-athb Vibrotis-FO-bthb

Vibrotis-FO-cthb Vibrotis-FO-dthb