A blue and green and aqua and purple new year

Spinning day today was largely given over to dying. We dyed two panfuls this morning – one each of two different fleeces in order to compare and contrast. After the ladies had left I dyed another three panfuls. All five results are very different. ‘Tis a mystical business indeed.

No photos yet – it has been a grey and dismal day with insufficient light for photography. Maybe when the fleece had dried there will be enough light. Actually, I think my hands would make as good a photo – very colourful indeed! Must make a mental note to deploy latex gloves when using dye packs that are already open and used.

With one thing and another I managed only to spin a  few metres. I will try to do more later. I am determined to find more spinning time in my life – even if it means setting the alarm clock and getting up earlier each day. I very much want to reduce the stock of fleece.  No resolutions, but a firm intention to increase my spinning hours from 2 a week, to at least 5 – that’s spinning group plus 3 more hours. Should be achievable as a weekly minimum?

Spinning cake today was Carrot and Olive Oil cake – delicious but very gooey. Lots of cinnamon and cardamom in the mix and really good with coffee. A shame I brewed the coffee over-strength.