Kool Vibes

The Vibrotis FO pics have (mainly) been taken but are not yet uploaded. I’ll try to catch up with those later.

As I now have an embarrassment of Vibrant yarn, I am attempting a Koolhaas hat. The project is not on Ravelry yet as it is very much a matter of experimentation and the project may well not take off. I had three attempts at casting on, the first of which got as far as 4 pattern rows. The second attempt I gave up on half way through the rib. The third attempt is approaching the end of the ribbing and I am feeling rather more confident about its chances – though this does not equate to any real hope or expectation of completion because:

  1. I have never got on with circular needles
  2. No, really, I just cannot knit with circs – I fumble the needles, and it plays havoc with my tension
  3. Silk does not seem to be a good choice for a hat, which needs to be elastic
  4. and certainly not on circular needles, where I need the help of an elastic yarn
  5. There are umpteen little cables to do, of three varieties, and all in the round
  6. It’s a chart and not a proper written down pattern

So, there you have it, that is what will be stressing yours truly over the holidays – that, and the tatting, but at least it won’t be turkey-fretting that gets me down or the inability to purchase a decent sprout… or the queues at the supermarket checkout at 9am on Christmas Eve… I’m taking it easy – the Koolhaas way.