Up to the armpits in mud

Glorious sunny day. We topped 15°C today and I spent ages trying to find cool clothes that I don’t actually possess since we moved to the Frozen Norf™. I wanted something sleeveless as I was overheated while doing the housework (yes, I l know, we are on holiday, but laundry must be done while the sun smiles) but, alas, nothing presented itself. I settled for a white linen shirt – a bonus as I can roll the sleeves down when I go outside. Not that the weave blocks much UV; no doubt I shall be itching like crazy soon.

I plied my remaining singles of the “North” spinning project today. I have made a real dog’s breakfast of this spin. I really seem to have lost the touch. The fibre didn’t help much; I really did not enjoy spinning it. It differed greatly from Copperpot’s Merino/Tencel roving – which spun like a dream and  earned me a red ticket at the Annual Show. This roving was hard work. Very. It also makes my face itch, quite badly!

Making very little progress on anything this week. Feel like I am wading through mud most of the time. I think that must be due to the hayfever. I am tired and listless and sick of coughing. The ToDo list grows ever longer.

Yesterday saw Outlook installed, but as I forgot to export the settings before cleaning my machine, I don’t have all my mail accounts set up. In fact, I have one done thus far – and little will to get the remainder set up.

Yesterday also saw me galvanised into getting my stripy May themed RAK parcel together. I have some knitting that needs a little sewing with it, and was going to get started on it when I discovered that the person I had been sending my parcel to had dropped out of the swap. So all my research and my shopping and knitting etc. has gone to pot. All targeted at completely the wrong person. I am abject.

I tell you, it’s all one step forward and two back this week. I am up to my armpits in some kind of cosmic mud. I keep straining against it and getting nowhere fast. Particularly with my PC. I took some photos of my incoming RAK package and also of a beautiful bi-plane flying over the house today I was going to blog them. Of course, I can’t. I don’t have any image applications installed yet. I really must find the Key for Adobe Creative Suite…

Anyway, I’m off to skein my bobbin of yarn and then to see if I can find the pair. If I can get the skeins together, I’ll wash them and dry them outside in the sun. First things first though – I have to harass Mr L about the Danish Oil,  if he has recovered sufficiently from lawn mowing. I really want to get that Jumbo Flyer sorted out!