Everything looks so weird…

New computers are the biggest pain. Nothing works in the way that I want/expect it to – buttons look so very different that my brain can’t even see them! Things progress but slowly this week. I will be happy when my environment feels like my own again.

Spinning was here this week, on account of F having fractured her wrist. I made Mars Bar Crispies for the gluten-free, and added a fatless sponge (totally negated by the addition of half a pint of whipped double cream.) I even managed a little spinning, though most of my time was given over to plotting an Ashford order. A loom is to be ordered!

With the advent of the loom I should have more purpose in my spinning. I hope to complete the current roving today and then to get the Jumbo flyer installed. After the Jumbo is in use I’ll dig out some raw fleece and begin to spin singles for weaving practice. I shall start with generic white fleece and probably some Jacob as well. Ashford deliver within a week to ten days, even here, so I shan’t have much time. Three coats of Danish on the Jumbo will take several days to dry, now that the good weather has broken. The drum carder will be deployed, to speed things up and to make a less characterful single, in the hope that it challenges the novice weaver a little less than something more slubby would.

Knitting progresses very slowly indeed. Some work has been done on the garter stitch shawl, which is now in the centre section and about to begin the decreases. Clearly knitting will now suffer as I concentrate more on spinning and learning to weave. Frankly, the plan is to make some money! I have this (no doubt mistaken) idea that weaving will produce finished items faster than knitting does. I sold £50 of goods last weekend – that represented many weeks of labour and was only profitable due to the use of some “free” yarn. It isn’t  going to make me rich, that is for sure. Perhaps woven goods will produce a little more in the way of income.


In the mail today – May’s RAK swap package on a theme of Stripes. A slab of Hotel Chocolat chocolate (Lemon and Ginger!), striped pencils and notebook, and two balls of Regia sock yarn from the Kaffe Fasset Design Line range – in Landscape “Fog” – exactly the shade that I would have bought myself on many occasions (you have no idea just how many times I have been tempted by it), if funds had allowed. Delighted? Oh, yes!

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It’s mass migration time! #livereportingfromtheroad #france #autumn2020 #thelockdowndash


  1. SpinningGill
    May 29, 2009

    Yum – to the sock yarn 🙂

    • May 29, 2009

      The question is… vertically striped socks? or weave it? I’m actually leaning toward the latter.

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