Up and down

There is still a lot of rain about but in between whiles we are having significant stretches of sunny weather.  Nell is  thrilled to be back here and was insistent about going out as soon on possible on Thursday and so the laundry was deferred to the afternoon.

Up at the viewpoint there was a clear sight across to the snow-capped hills and I took some photographs that came out rather underwhelming, doing the view no justice at all.

Before we went away I believed that it was mild here and Spring well-advanced. The conditions in Ireland though were far ahead of those here and now we are returned I see that it is not as advanced here as I thought. However, we do have a Pieris in flower, even if the daffodil buds remain tightly closed for now.


It rained all night on Friday but when we got up yesterday the sun was shining and we walked out in the woods without jackets.

Today Nell and Mr L went to Colvend as Mr L could not countenance Toad in the Hole without onion for the gravy. My ankles are too sore to let me walk there and back and with no prospect of a bus ride home, I stopped in to prepare lunch and do a little housekeeping. I walked out later to meet them on their way home. Again, no jacket.

There was a clear view over to the Lakeland mountains and the snow was clearly plainly on the tops. A little further on, after recent the beech wood is no longer as dark as it was.

It could be tempting to remark on the mess that has been made but the branches left on the ground are an important facet of woodland management. They will provide cover for birds and small mammals and a home for insects and fungi. Eventually they will return nutrients to the soil. Ugly for now, it’s all very ecological and will soon merge seamlessly into the whole and look good again.

I have two laundry loads done, with an estimated three remaining and less than a week before we depart for Aberdeen. At some point I shall need to start sorting the tent out and disposing of items that we will not be able to carry on the way home. Some things I can probably post home but I need to find time to sort, to pack and to make my way to some distant post office.

Time is beginning to feel horribly short and I am surprised how very little I have done or achieved this winter. Not that it matters much; I have had fun and plenty of fresh air and exercise.I just wish that I had managed to shed weight.

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