Sanity does not reign yet

Hello, hello. Remember me? Yes, I am the nutter who took off to Ireland for three weeks with no forward planning. Well, I’m back(yes, very nice, thank you.) Much of the trip was written up at Two Snails as we went along. I just have to update the past few days when I have  a moment. Then I can rest and breathe out…

Oh, no, that’s right. I can’t. We’re off again in a week’s time.

We arrived back at base to find a hospital appointment letter awaiting us. Mr L has to attend the Infirmary in Aberdeen on March 15th. It is a miracle of poor timing – we had hoped to have an appointment in early April that would tie in with our travel home to Orkney. Long term readers may recall that his last appointment was attended on our way Sooth for the winter. We stayed at Huntly Castle and Mr L travelled  by bus into Aberdeen.

The options this time included: ringing up and deferring the appointment until we are home (fly down for the day and come home again); leaving here before our seasonal pitch expires and go home to Orkney after the appointment; or have a quick trip north and come back to Kippford to prepare for going home at the end of the month. Mr L favoured the last option and has spent much of today planning the trip and booking pitches and… dinner.

We are going back to Anstruther, where we visited on the way here last September, to The Cellar. We shall stay at the Silverdyke site again and may, or may not, fit in another fish supper. Sadly, Huntly Castle caravan site will not yet be open for the season. Solving the conundrum of where to stop for the hospital appointment has been tricky. We are now going to Stonehaven for two nights. Other stops on this short trip will include Glenmore (our most favourite site to date), and New Lanark. Old favourite Taste Perthshire may well come into play too.

Does it all sound like madness. well, yes, I suppose that it does but by making this extra trip it leaves us free to meander home via Arran and the west coast of Scotland. There was method in his madness.

However, it all makes for a rather hectic life and my planned month of rest and relaxation and preparation for the homeward leg is now well and truly scuppered.

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