A small window in my personal time-space continuum

The soup is made for lunch, a batch of chocolate brownies is cooling, as is a dish of sage and onion stuffing, and a tray of soft white rolls is proving ready to bake. The washing is on the line. I appear to have two moments to myself.

Yes, it has been a while. I apologise.

Mr L was up the ladder to fix the roof just as soon as the weather was good enough to make the ascent safe ( we were under snow on our first morning)

We are back at home and have been so for a week now. In that time I have completely failed to catch up with my blogging, though we have now managed to get up to speed on Dr Who, at least 🙂

I have also been having fun in the kitchen and it is wonderful to have my four ovens at my disposal once more.

One of the first meals that Mr L requested was a cheese souffle. I didn’t have a dish small enough so it came out looking less than impressive

Whilst we were away from home there was little to report here and most of my effort went into the Two Snails project, together with its offshoot of Rumbletums but both remain very much behind. It has been a combination of being busy (doing not very much of interest to others), being without electricity and being without an Internet signal for much of our time.

Anyway, my conscience has been pricked (thank you, Mac) and here I am – but be warned, life is very dull just now and consists mainly of laundry, DIY, laundry, tidying, laundry and de-cluttering… oh, and further laundry.

Endlessly washing and drying for the past week

Here follows a brief update of my personal progress during our trip:

Knitting: none done, at all, no… just about six rows of a sock represents my entire 7 months.

Reading: none done

Studying: dropped out when we changed vans and it became apparent that I had no space in which to work.

Photography: nothing startling but I do have hundreds of images in need of reviewing. Moving them from the lappie to the PC is proving to be a challenge.

Fitness and diet: well, totally failed to lose any weight at all whilst I was away, let alone reach my three stone target!  I do believe that I am somewhat fitter than when I left but battling the aches and pains has been very hard work indeed and I was sad not to get the daily long walks that I had imagined. At one point I was unable to walk even a mile but I seem to have improved considerably since then and our last walk on the Scottish mainland was a seven-miler, which I managed with the minimum of moaning and just the one sit-down.

I’ll be back but not until I have something to show or tell. You may find me at Two Snails telling all about our journey home – just as soon as I find the time.

Spinach soup for lunch, with freshly-baked soft white rolls. Chocolate Brownies for afternoon coffee time then Roast Pork and Stuffing sandwiches for tea, using the rest of the rolls. See, I am not being entirely idle! It’s Makkin’ & Yakkin’ this pm and I will take my camera out with me when I walk over to Lady. I shall need to unearth my knitting – what remains of the knitting that I took away with me is in a cardboard box mailed home before we set off in March. It’s somewhere. I know not where.



  1. May 8, 2017

    France?! What have I missed? Why are you selling your crafting stuff?

    • May 10, 2017

      Not sure what you have missed but we plan to spend next winter in Europe. Not sure yet what the extent of our travels will be but we plan to start in Normandy and Brittany and then go with the flow… maybe keeping ahead of the frost. As for disposing of my craft stuff well, Everything Must Go. We are going to try and sell the house. Ideally S would like to go full-timing in the van but the EU exit debacle seems likely to adversely affect our planned lifestyle. So now we think that we may need a mini property, ideally in Scotland (I want my passport!). Either way, we have much Stuff that needs to be rehomed as very little will fit into Vincent and only a little more in a but and ben.

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