Torchy, Torchy, the battery boy….

Remember him? 🙂

This afternoon I made inroads on the Torch Island roving. I began to worry about it as I spun it (span it?). The colours are quite high contrast really (chocolate brown, magenta, tangerine) and the single was well marled. Plying it might make it very muddy and chaotic, I thought. I don’t know. I’ve not done this before. Anyway, given the very long runs of colour in my first section as well, I decided that I had to Navajo ply it. And I made a complete dog’s breakfast of it. Nevertheless, I soldiered on – telling myself that the knots would just add to the handspun texture.

Really, I held out little hope of this spin. But when I plyed it? Magical – the colours just came right in the end. The skein looks lovely, so far as I can tell in artificial light. I shall try to make another skein tomorrow. It will probably make a hat for Mr L.

I  can’t tell you just how thrilled I am that I can decide at afternoon coffee time that I am going to spin, and go on to produce a plyed skein by tea time. It’s concentrated work, but perfectly achievable now.

I am going to knit on Kenaz now, until Nell goes to bed, then it’s a change of activity and we are retiring to bed to work on the CISRA puzzles. 2 solved, 2 saved for evening recreation. Then a whole month to wait before the next set comes out. We are currently lying – we finished at 12th place last year.

(lost my connection last night and failed to post this afore bed)

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