A lengthy puzzle session in bed last night resulted in no progress on either remaining puzzle but gave plenty of mindless knitting opportunity – and Kenaz is off the needles.

Is Kenaz completed? I think maybe not. Despite careful weighing and calculating, I have a quantity of yarn remaining. I can now knit a gusset if I feel so inclined, or perhaps a strap. Because of the proportions and aspect ratio of the piece, I think a strap is not quite right. So, a gusset now, then a light blocking and stitching. And some design decisions regarding embellishments. Embellishment techniques will depend on what suitable yarn I can find. I am thinking about stitching around the relief pattern before fulling. Maybe some surface decoration afterwards, depending on how it appears on emergence from the washing machine.

Now – back to the Spring Cap. And a quick finish, I think, because I want to cast on the Torch Island that I was spinning yesterday – it enthuses me.

Not only that – we have solved one of the puzzles while I was sitting here typing this! One remaining.