Photo session

I dusted off my DSLR today, it has been many months since it saw the light of day. I even got out the tripod. I’m trying to practise yarn shots. It’s not going well. Lights, I need lights and reflectors…

Anyway – here’s the rovings that arrived yesterday


This is Inferno, merino roving from Copperpot at Etsy. Lovely deep reds and browns and ochre-ish shades.



Torch Island

And this is Torch Island, same source. Brightened with magenta colours.

Big rovings, over 4 ounces each.

I had been v excited as I was expecting to find a nice free felting tool inside this parcel. But it seems to have gone missing. Now I shall have to get one asap because I had so many felty ideas in my head and I want to carry them out.


FO of Custard, the Dragon Scale mitts.

Still needing the ends sewn in and a good wash and light blocking.




And this is Kenaz, a WIP.






I noticed my Flickr stream when I was updating my projects at Ravelry. I love what Project Spectrum has done to my stream – all the reds and oranges and pinks look really lovely.

Only… I can’t get my colours right. Recently I have been finding that the web optimiser in PS steals my colours. They look fine in the PS editor, and carp when they are saved for the web. That didn’t used to happen. I have no idea what is going wrong.

Anyway – that’s one tick on this week’s list for completion. Now I need to go earn a second tick.