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It has been a glorious day today, hard to believe that only a couple of days ago we had snow on the ground. I’ve split my time between creative stuff and boring stuff but was pleased to get my first line dried washing of the year out and in again without mishap. I’ve been out on my bike too – not far, just up the road to see R and identify some beads for my handspun shawl. I came home with one packet to test, but am confident in the colour choice. I just need to make sure that they fit the yarn and then work out how many more I need. So test piece 3 gets kicked off tomorrow, I think. I’ll knit instead of spinning as my thumb is still quite painful and stiff.

Apart from that, I can report some progress on the freeform knitted “thingy”. No photos yet but I’ll do those tomorrow, I think. I can also report that it didn’t meet with uniform approval last night at the craft group – but that was not unexpected. It’s obviously not everybody’s thing. I am not entirely sure it’s mine, yet – but I’m working on that  🙂

What else? Ah, yes – I made some silk “paper” today, with mica inclusions. I used it to make a card. And now I am off to make cake to go with it.

Mr L’s little bro is 40 tomorrow. I guess that means that Mr L will be feeling rather old. I shall have to treat him to something nice to cheer him up. Maybe an unbirthday card and a wodge of choccie cake will do the trick. Should I make cream to go with it?

Oh, and I made chicken and mushroom pancakes for lunch – very yummy. Appropriate-ish too – it appears to be Shrove Tuesday today. But it can’t be. We only had Christmas last week, didn’t we?

Not entirely sure where today went to, really. It was good to see blue sky, though. Very good.

Later this week I am determined that my sewing machine will finally emerge from its case. It’s high time. I want to do some stitching onto the silk paper I have made so far – just to see what emerges. There’s test Piece 3 to be done for my beaded shawl, and I plan to do some gentle spinning late in the week too (need to finish that pink merino) – and I want to do more of the freeform “thingy” and maybe get to cast it off and begin surface decoration by the weekend. Also on the cards this week is tatting improvement (my new book seems very useful). And I’d like to get some socks moving again. Plus more silk paper practice, so that it won’t be a matter of the blind leading the blind at our next craft group session…

Can I fit it all in?

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