A new lifeform?

The freeform thing has completely taken on a life of its own. I am really enjoying playing with it and fascinated by the project’s resistance to any form of planning or intent. I knit a bit. Then stand back and look at it, pick it up again and knit a bit more or change yarns and/or stitches… place a bead here and one there… think about where I might weave in another yarn later, or some fabric, or sew a few buttons on…

It feels really rather like painting with fibre. Or as I imagine painting to be, except I can’t/don’t paint.  Overall there seems to be a need to blend both stitch patterns and yarns.

I must say that I rather like process knitting.

I shall now be on the cadge for oddments of fibre/yarn/fabric to feed this new interest. Sadly there can be no more spending for years and years and years… a Five Year Plan has been put into effect. That’s Plan A. There is a Plan B. Also a Plan C, which is a 10 year plan – and to be resisted while ever Plans A or B are workable.

What are we up to? Well, we seem to be planning an entirely disreputable old age and distinctly dodgy future! It’s all about ensuring that Mr L can retire before too long, even though I have no employment, and finding new and adventurous ways in which to enjoy life. We don’t want to wake up and ask one morning “was that all there was?” – we want to sit up on that morning and say “we did all that we could”.

What an adventure!

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Bare Naked

Bare Naked

We are home again, after a month-long trip away. A trip during which I completely failed to get my laptop out. It was good to come home. We were driving along, close to Le Dorat at the time, when I felt that “aren’t we fortunate to live in such a lovely part of France” feeling washing over me. I had a sudden urge to invite all my friends to come and stay and to shareContinue readingBare Naked

A Month in France: Nothing is Lost

A Month in France: Nothing is Lost

I am lagging on the Month in the Country prompts, and lagging badly at that. I have a list of prompts t be caught up on and I shall be working my way through them here, or at Scattered Thoughts depending on where the post most naturally sits. I have elected to tackle the prompts not in date order necessarily but to seize upon prompts that offer me space in which to write down the things that I am feeling the need to say. Even if I need to crowbar it in. The thing is, I am going to continue to be short of time and space in which to write and so a two-for-one is useful and I hope to do as many of those as I can. Seems like a plan? … Continue readingA Month in France: Nothing is Lost

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