Wednesday spinning

G’s b’day today, so we did cards and b’day cake. I made a really weird choccie cake recipe and then drowned it in uber rich icing. I put sheep on the top, 2 white and 1 brown, and three candles.

I actually did spin some of the pink merino today and didn’t knit at all. Mostly I made coffee and kept an eye on Nell. Nell was superb. More confident than last time, she stayed out from behind the chair. She kept mainly on the sofa with me but did sniff around the wheels and say hello to the ladies.

I feel very tired indeed today. Just want to go lie down and nap now. I think I’ll have another piece of cake first, though 🙂

Freeform fun

Last night I tried some crochet scrumbles. I can’t/don’t crochet. So it was very freeform indeed, with made-up stitches. But it was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the organic shapes that I was making. I used the leftover yarn from the Colinette “Iris” hat I made several years ago. The colours came together well. Now I need to figure out what to do with my scrumbles.

I think I shall make more, to go on my Beachcomber “thingy.” The first section bothers me, as it doesn’t blend with the rest of the piece. I was planning on sewing buttons on to that part, but now I might scrumble some pieces in the mohair yarn and add those to the surface, to bring some coherence. Maybe I can scrumble something vaguely circular and then apply it with a button to hold it on. I was hoping to use MoP buttons…

(Scrumble? See here!

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Oh, deer

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