The Die is Cast

‘is nibs has just informed me that the deposit is paid on our new range. I guess this means that he has ordered it!

We are to have a reconditioned 4 oven electric Aga in Claret (which will look stunning against the slate floor), with chrome domes. It is coming from Biggar, and will be collected and delivered by Isbister Brothers in Stromness, at a very good rate.

I think that we have done well.

The lovely chap at The Stove Company has been marvellous and we have every confidence in his service. Best of all, the lead time is only 4 weeks. I doubt we shall be ready to install it by then, there is much work to be done, but it can apparently live in the middle of the sitting room as its constituent parts until such time as wall and floor are ready. That should be “interesting”.

We had hoped to go into town this Friday to look at wall tiles but when we rang to book the boat today we were told that we would be fifth reserve on the way home. So we’ll not be going, I think. We may have to shop online for our tiles.

Today’s pic is my weekly Blip of the bay outside. I am taking the shots each week when I put my rubbish bags out. The weather was uninspiring today.

I am still feeling under par and am not at all sure about going out to Spinning today. One thing is for certain, whether I go or not, I plan to spend some time with my Denali Throw, which I am now calling my Comfort Blanket. It is halfway through the first pattern repeat. Warriston has of course taken a back seat to all that wonderful colour and texture and remains near the end of the second ball of yarn, with five more to go.

I shall take the camera out to spinning if I do go, ever mindful of the need to capture images for the challenge. Somehow I don’t think it will get used, but you never can tell. I shall have to clean the lens first, it was spotted with salty rain this morning.

In the mail today: a letter! A real, handwritten letter. Sent as part of Lettermo, which I confess to not participating in this year. It was from the lovely LizH of Trundlebug fame and a jolly good example of the lost art of letter writing. Thanks very much, Liz and I will write back, I promise (Loved the Sock Survey!)


  1. February 18, 2015

    I managed up to day 12 of Lettermo, then just got too busy. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. […] Yesterday, I was certain that I would be working on my Comfort Blanket. Unfortunately I arrived at Spinning Group without it. I have no idea how I managed that. Fortunately I had packed Warriston as I planned to show off how well it was growing. I had just enough yarn with me to keep me going for the afternoon. […]

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