That’s the way that it goes

I bought industrial quantities of vine-ripened tomatoes in K’wall yesterday. I’m eager to use them so today I have dug out a pack of local beef “Best Stew” and am lovingly preparing a slow stew of tomatoes, paprika, and beef -to which I shall later add some dwarf green beans. I planned to dump it onto brown rice but we appear to have run out. Its too warm today for mash or noodles; I will make some couscous and a green salad.

The rest of the plan for today involved catching up on the blog and writing posts for Friday (Boloquoy), Saturday (sheep shearing), and Monday (K’wall), and then I was informed that Mr L has a conference call this afternoon. I shall be away from the computer.

Ah, well – that’s the way it goes. I shall have to sort out some knitting and sit in the garden with the dogs. It’s a tough old life, isn’t it? For now, I must dash off and stir a little more love into my stew.

See you later.