Catching up

Friday – went over the hill to Boloquoy and then to Backaskaill for a meringue.

Saturday edited some photos then went with visiting L to watch (we’d like to say “assist”…) with shearing at SpinningGill’s. Ate too much delicious Biryani – in the evening SG and hubby came round for evening of beer, weaving, and chat. They left about 1am – when the sky was already glowing with the pink light of the new day -a reminder that the solstice will soon be here. Hope the weather holds out for an all night something or other. (More of that soon).

Sunday – a day of Photoshop, and Coppermine maintenance. Not much time for anything else, though did spend time in interview with extremely youthful copper.

Tomorrow – is go-to-town day. Ugh.

update posts on Boloquoy and shearing will be forthcoming -probably around Tuesday time.

Time for me to go to bed!

want another photo?

I'm not here... Really I'm not...
I'm not here... Really I'm not...